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Friday, August 6, 2010

Got Friends?

Hey gang!  We're shaking up the map!  Since last week's update, guess what?  My hometown heard the call and responded!  Maryland is on the map!!!  Yay, Maryland!

That means we moved up to number 191 out of 5000!!!! That is great news. I love seeing that thermometer on the left over there moving up.

But ya know the love doesn't stop there right?  Since our last aerial map update, our 5000 for 5 donations have come in from the great adoption loving states of Kansas, and South Dakota!  My little girl is going to know that she has friends far and wide!!!  I can't wait to show her how much she's loved.

So that got me to thinking....ya know those wonderful ads that ask people 'GOT MILK?'  Well, I wanna know if you GOT FRIENDS?  Who do you know?  We have some states left on our map that really wanna show some love I'm sure but I just need you to tell them about us.  So let's do a small roll call to see who we'd love to see represented on the map!  Anybody know someone who may want to consider donating from......

Washington, DC....oh wait, let me call up Barak really quick....hold on.....(smile)
New York

What other states do you have family and friends?  See here's the thing I learned this week.  You never know what people are willing to do until you ask!  People are willing to give in small and large ways to great causes and forgive my bias but I think this is a GREAT cause.  So can you do our little girl a favor and just ask your friends to consider donating?  Tell them about this sweet family over here (smile) that is getting their home ready to bring in an abandoned child that has the potential of a bright future.  Send them on over to our donation website and let's see what happens friends!

Here's the link to send them to:  http://5000for5.blogspot.com/p/donate.html and if they want to know about our story, send them on over to our regular blog at http://www.lifeabitsweeter.blogspot.com/

So....got friends?

Love ya'll and thanks for the support! (...and yes English majors I know that ya'll is not correct but in my own southern way, sometimes I just love it so bear with me...smile)


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