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Monday, August 9, 2010

Every Penny Counts!

Every penny counts and yes, I mean that literally!  Do you know those people who walk past pennies on the streets? Oops....sorry...are you one of them? LOL!  Well, this mama sure isn't one of them.  I'll pick them if they're heads or tails, wet or dry, dirty or sparkly clean?  Why?  Because every penny counts in bringing my little girl home!

....and if you're asking...yep, I'll take that change in your sofa, under the sofa, in your car seats, under the car seats, in your car beverage holder, on the floor in your room, under your bed, and the one that you use to do the magic trick to pull out of a child's ear!  Yep, because SHE'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!

my latest penny find...near a parking meter by my tire....i guess the person before me didn't want to pick them up after looking for their quarters to insert into the meter.  I'll simply say......THANK YOU!


Stacey said...

hey michelle

i just wanted to make sure you saw that people from our area are getting together for dinner on aug. 17th. i haven't been keeping up with the yg and just saw it. we would love to see you guys there and catch up in person!!


Sarah said...

Hi Michelle,

Just found your blog through twitter! I love it! I'm a mom of five, 2 adopted, and 3 bio. We unexpectedly adopted from Haiti recently. We stepped out totally in faith without a dime saved (long story). Short story, within 6 weeks, God had provided for all of our adoption costs. He really does own the cattle on 10,000 hills and I believe He will provide. They ARE HIS kids!
Sarah http://sarahthacker.com

Michelle said...

Hey Stacey! Yep, we'll be there!!! Can't wait to see you guys.

Wow Sarah....what an amazing testimony! Looking forward to jogging through your blog!

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