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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh, How He Loves Selah

Today at church, my heart was arrested by a song that concluded our worship experience.  It was John Mark McMillian's "Oh How He Loves Us'.  I've heard this song several times and each time, I have loved it...but today was a little different.  Today, my heart was arrested because as I listened to the passion rendered through the lyrics about God's love for us, I began to think about Selah.

Take a listen to Kim Walker singing this amazing song:

Wow, God!  As I thought about my daughter, Selah, I was just blown away to know that You love her so much that You would choose to stir the heart of a woman (me) on the other side of the world to fight relentlessly for her -- a child that I have never seen but the potential of her future grows stronger day by day in my heart.  You love Selah so much that You would choose to use a family --one of the most unlikely (us)-- to be a part of something so miraculous.  The world says that she is just one in a growing number of millions of orphans who should be left to her 'own people' to take care of and figure it out --in other words whether they know it or not, they are saying let her suffer or even worse, let her die.  God loves Selah so much that I can't pretend that I don't feel the call in my heart to pay a 'ransom' for her.....why not?  God did it for me and I can never repay Him for that act of grace and unselfishness.  So God, if you love Selah that much and she is your child, I'll love her like only a mother can because you have loved me too, like only a Father can.  In the words of my pastor, you have been gracious and firm with me.  You have been extravagant in your love with me and you have been firm when you are calling me to do something out of the ordinary that is not popular ---like adopting Selah.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful story of love and redemption.  You have proved your love for me over and over and I can't wait for Selah to learn that you have done the same for her.

I'm pursuing her the same way that You pursue me....unashamed and relentless.  I am forever changed by Your love.


Angela said...

Love that song.... Have a blessed week!

Mike said...

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