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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miles of Love....an Aerial Snapshot as of July 31st

A friend of mine, Melissa, left me a comment the other week that we needed to start a map showing the geographical locations of where our adoptions have been arriving.  I thought about this some months ago but never made it happen so when she said that, I knew I had to jump all over it.  It only made sense because I'm just so amazed at how God uses others to bless us.

So here we go.  I thought it would be fitting to kick off our 5000 for 5 campaign by showing where the 5000 transactions are originating.  Now, I won't put ours on the map so I'm hoping we'll get some other Marylanders to jump on board in this second leg of saving money and raising funds towards our adoption.  (Please note that we did have donations/sales from other states in our first half of fundraising from places like Maryland, Georgia, a few other states, and even London and Qatar!  Those contributions/sales were definitely instrumental in getting us to our first part of the adoption goal.  You should have also received a thank you in the mail from our sweet little boys.)  This go round, we're putting our contributors on the map in the hopes of also saving on a little postage cost also.  (smile)

So "C" and I worked last night on going through our PayPal account to see where donations have come from since we kicked off our 5000 for 5 campaign on July 14th.  So here's an aerial snapshot of our map and a close-up of which states have showed us love from miles away.....woo hoo!!!!

This is absolutely wonderful!!!  What's great is that some don't even know us personally.  Either someone told them about our family or they found out about us through a blog.  Amazing!  (Now please note, as "C" was putting the pins on the map, I didn't want to be anal and ask him to put the pin on the right city too!  I told him just put the pin anywhere on the state....otherwise, he would have had a cow!)

So for every $5 in your transaction (excluding shipping charges for products), the boys will take one pin and put your state on the map.  I wonder which state will end up dominating?  (okay, sorry.  I'm competitive at home especially with games....my family loves me anyway...smile)

Okay, my hometown, (Washington, DC and Maryland), please start representing before these other states take over...smile!  Yes, I know this is a serious thing that we're doing in terms of bringing our daughter home but I already told you that I'm a competitor at heart (my Facebook friends can tell you about my new obsession with Family Feud...thanks Delilah....ugh!!!)

If you'd like to help move us closer in our adoption journey, help my boys get better in geography, or if you just have a competitive spirit (smile), please consider donating here:

**International donations will all be pinned on the globe in the bottom right hand corner.

If you are able to donate $5 towards bringing baby girl home, please click here:

If you are able to donate more than $5 to bring baby girl home, you will be able to write in that amount by clicking here:

If you would prefer to send a check or money order to us, please feel free to send your check made payable to Michelle and Anthony McKinney to our PO Box address:

Michelle  & Anthony McKinney
P.O. Box 4965
Largo, MD  20775-4965

Many hugs and thanks to ya!


The Bobo Family said...

This is one of the cutest ideas I have ever seen!!! I absolutely love it! Maybe you can get at least one from every state-wouldn't that be fun!?

Michelle said...

Thanks, Rubeina! That's the plan and I believe we'll be successful....just my optimism speaking right now! :-)

Shelly G. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You are too creative! Yeah, I know you got the initial idea from someone else, but you always know up to "kick it up a notch".


Michelle said...

Thanks my Shelly! =)

Angela said...

Very cool!

Michelle said...

thanks angela. =)

Unknown said...

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