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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Fundraiser Committee Is Workin' It!

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with our AMAZING fundraising crew!  For now, I'll call them "Team Selah"!  Team Selah consists of a group of my friends who have agreed to give of their time to help us focus on our big rocks in raising the funds necessary to bring Selah home.  We have great chemistry in feeding off one another and they are a group where we can be brutally honest one another BUT it is always wrapped in lots of love and laughter.  They really are like family to me.  As I began typing this, I thought....awww man....wish I had taken a picture....but then....guess I'll leave them as a mystery for now but trust me when I say they're amazing!

So today, we put together a great batch of fundraiser events and earmarked some dates too make that happen.  First on the list....the YARD SALE!  To get that going, I just sent out our first Facebook flyer to request donations....let's see how that goes!


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