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Monday, April 4, 2011

$5 Off TOMS shoes!!!

You know I love TOMS shoes and my church.  So this is a super sweet deal!  It's almost too good to be true but I promise it's not!

Our church has partnered with TOMS for the month of April in an amazing effort to help us collect over 4,000 pairs of shoes.  Not only will we be collecting brand-new and like-new shoes BUT if you love TOMS and all that they do, you can now receive $5 off your TOMS on-line shoe order through the month of April if you put the code ZION in at the checkout.

The Benefit for Zion: each pair purchased using this code will count towards our shoe goal of distributing 4,000 pairs of shoes. But wait there's more (lol...I sound like an infomercial...sorry.)  This is really a three-fold win:
  1. You get a $5 discount off TOMS shoes.
  2. A child will still gets a pair of shoes donated through TOMS because of your purchase.
  3. Zion gets to count your shoe purchase towards our goal of collecting 4,000 pairs of shoes.
Please note: While our church's goal is to distribute shoes in targeted areas (DC/MD/VA area, Haiti, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic, we are leaving it to TOMS to decide where they will distribute the donated pair provided thru your purchase).  In the grand scheme of things, it's still a huge win, because a child somewhere will be served in an amazing way.

So here's your chance!  Share, share, share this with your friends and family!  If you'd like to donate your new or like-new shoes to Zion Church, feel free to e-mail me at michelle365@me.com OR hop on over to the TOMS site.  Remember, you have to put ZION in the discount code at checkout.

BTW: Our family has committed to collecting 100 pairs of shoes in this effort (new or like-new).  If you purchase on-line through TOMS because of this blog post, I'd love our boys to be able to add your shoe count to their goal thermometer.  The boys are excited and so am I as they try to change the world one pair of shoes at a time.


Kelly said...

Hi, Michelle! So great that your church is committed to this ministry! Last year, I sent out an email in our neighborhood and asked them to drop off crocs when they were trick-or-treating. I ended up with 39 pairs! Just food for thought so you can store that idea away for a rainy day! :)

Michelle said...

wow! now that is super cool.

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