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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reader's Comment that Left Me Speechless

Back on July 26th, I published the blog post entitled "I Dare You".  Well after posting that a wonderful reader left this amazing comment that I completely understood the place that her heart stands.  It just really touched my heart....and I thank her for sharing hers....praying for you guys Sandi.

I'm posting this because my hope is that although I don't know Sandi or how to get in touch with her, that you guys would partner with me in praying for Sandi and her husband.  Let's pray together that whatever God has for them, that they would stand peacefully together in God's perfect Will.  ("For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless."  ~Psalm 84:11)

Now here are Sandi's words....
Below is what I wrote to my husband today. He fears the cost & the fact that he will be 45 by the time an adoption would be finalized. I am so broken over this because he is not ready & I am. So I wait & I pray...

by Sandi "Spark"

I feel as if God is preparing my heart for our daughter.
My heart is filling with love for a child who I have yet to see
in a way that is nearly impossible to explain.
Those around me don’t understand the longing and the ache that is in my heart.
This longing will not go away until I can hold my daughter.
I long for her. I lose sleep thinking about the journey she will face
before God allows me to come for her.
So I wait and I pray for this child of ours,
this child who we will not be able to hold in our arms for years to come.

She has not yet been born but I know that God, in his infinite wisdom,
will bring her into this world at exactly the right moment.
She will be formed in a delicate womb across the seas.
She will have beautiful almond shaped eyes
and a smile that will light from within.
My eyes search crowds and find a moment’s respite when they rest upon a child with my daughter’s eyes.
The tears well up only for a moment
as my heart feels the pain of not having her with me.
For my time has not yet come.

I prayed for the Lord to break my heart for what breaks His.
My heart is broken for the orphans...all of them.
My heart breaks for my daughter.
She will be left in the care of strangers with the mere hope that one day she will have a better life.
She will.

In my heart I see rooms lined with cribs filled with sons and daughters
waiting, waiting...
They have no value in a land of breathtaking beauty.
My daughter will be there in one of those cribs waiting, waiting...
but not for long...

I want to be there for my daughter.
I want her to know that even though her birth mother had to make a heartbreaking choice
that God has formed her to be ours.
I want the arms that hold her until we can meet to hold her with love.
I want those around her to be filled with compassion and caring.
I will pray for them to receive many blessings
in return for loving and caring for her until we meet.

Though we will have different features, in our hearts we are the same.
In my soul I am connected to this little angel
as closely as I am connected to the sons who came from me.
In God’s perfect timing she will be ours. She will be treasured. She will be loved.
Until then I go on longing for the daughter of my heart...


Debb said...

WOW! This is an incredible prayer from a very precious heart! I will most definitely join you in praying for this sweet woman. That God will nurture her heart in the waiting. That God will open her husband's heart WIDE for this little daughter. And that God's timing would be to bring this precious daughter into the arms of this beautiful woman soon.

You are an angel for posting this. So many of us can join in the prayer chain. Bless you ~ and this mother aching in her wait.

Michelle said...

Thanks Debb but it's just a privilege to have this gift of a blog with amazing readers like you who will partner in prayer with others. I truly adore you. Thank you sooo much for praying with our sister. Many hugs! me

Meliski said...

I came across this article and had to smile at God's timing.


Michelle said...

Very, very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing that link. What great insight!

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