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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nesting: Organizing the Kids' Lives (Fabric Magnet Board)

Now that school's back in session, there is just so much to juggle...doctor appointments, school projects, football schedules, basketball schedules...you get the picture.  For me, putting these things in a file cabinet is not a good idea...ya know...out of sight, out of mind. Yep, that's right!  So, I needed a solution to keep it all together.  When I saw this board, I instantly wanted to start creating.....
BUT there was one problem.  I remembered that we'll have an infant/toddler in our home soon so a bulletin board with pointy tacks didn't seem to be a win.  Time for adjustments! I started thinking and realized that a magnet board might be a better alternative.  I was going to go with sheet metal but the sheets at my local Home Depot store were too small and they were pretty banged up.  Then, I found a cool tutorial using an Ikea magnet board and I was back in gear again.
...and voila! Here's our neat-o version complete with some racing car magnets I made for the boys.  I'm still trying to decide what kind of magnets I want to go with Little Miss Lady's board.  Each of kids have their own boards.  The boys are on the outside and Selah's board is sandwiched right in the middle of her big bros.  Love getting organized!

What's your favorite tip for organizing your kids and family?


Jodes and Boz said...

Looks GREAT, Michelle!! i have also been nesting like a mad woman! Might have to do something like this next..

Pixie's mom said...

My dear Michelle! You won't believe this, but I've had my own magnet board made out of the SAME IKEA things for two years now!!! HAHA! Love ya!

Shelly G. said...

GREAT JoB! Now can you come organize my household! LOL

Michelle said...

Get it, Jody! Nesting has been fun and feels sooooo good!

Kelly: You're so stinking creative anyway. Can't wait to see more of your projects.

Shelly: Yeah, right! You're the one with the GLORIOUS closets!

niki d. said...

cute!! :)

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