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Friday, January 27, 2012

Retreat....Really REVIVAL is What My Soul Needs

 Where in the world have I been you might ask...okay....maybe you're not. But anywho (smile), I've been away from the blog. Quite honestly, I've been disengaging from much adoption talk and many adoption-related things. It has nothing to do with lack of love for my daughter, in fact, me and the boys pray for her each morning on their way to school. My being withdrawn from 'adoption talk and activity' has EVERYTHING to do with the process that has dramatically slowed in Ethiopia adoption. Don't get me wrong, I understand that God has a plan and He is preparing the exact situation for the future of our family.

Then....in walks the Created for Care Retreat. Founded by phenomenal adopting mom(s), they understand and believe:

"While your hearts have been called to care, YOU (adopting moms) were also createdd to be cared FOR. Wow. Lord, refresh me. This retreat...is really not a retreat for me. In fact, it is a REVIVAL. My weary soul has needed this refreshing. I long for this connection with a group of mom who 'get it'.  You know...a group of moms who understand that I know the Lord; yet, the flesh in me gets tired and it's okay for me to be sad and teary in one moment and full of excitement in another moment.  So come back and chat with me as I share the beauty of what will unfold this weekend at the Created for Care retreat.

Love y'all!

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