"" Life A Bit Sweeter: Adoption Timeline

Adoption Timeline


September 15
Announced our decision to adopt in the Life A Bit Sweeter blog
September 16
Received information packet from America World
September 17
Opened information packet from America World
October 3
Opened up the adoption checking account to keep funds separate
October 10
Submitted our preliminary application to America World  ($250)
October 30
Accepted to become clients of America World!

January 4
Submitted adoption agreement to America World  ($1500)
April 15
Attended AWAA homestudy orientation & submitted homestudy application.   
April 19
Fingerprints submitted to local police department for background checks
($56 for prints and $18.30 overnight mail)

Received official copies of birth certificates for family ($112 and $14 for parking)

Received official copies of driving records ($24)
April 29
Notarizations received for documents.  ($26.92)
May 10
Received official copies of marriage license ($11)
May 16
Completed Hague Training.  ($175)
May 29
First Homestudy Visit – Michelle Only
June 10
Second Homestudy Visit – Tony Only
June 12
Third Homestudy Visit – Michelle, Tony, Boys
July 12
July 30
August 12

August 30
December 27
Homestudy Approved!!!
Mailed/submitted our I-600A Petition for Orphan  ($830)
Awarded a special opportunity with Lifesong for Orphans & Both Hands project
to receive tax-deductible contributions.
Applied for passports.  ($302.20)
Dossier sent to America World!  ($7700)

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