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Friday, August 6, 2010

RED HOT Testimony!

So there's been some great movement in our adoption process in continuing to save the money for our adoption.  Since our last update, we've begun saving towards our passports and dossier!  I just love the fact that we can start putting the word dossier in our vocabulary!!!!  Makes me wanna say it loud.....D-O-S-S-I-E-R!!!  Dossier!

Well in moving towards that goal, I have what my friend Naneka calls a RED HOT TESTIMONY!  On October 1 and 2, First Baptist Church of Glenarden (my church home prior to moving to Zion) is hosting their annual women's conference.  This conference tends to get quite a bit of foot traffic and offers an opportunity for vendors to display their products and services.  Yours truly had a deep desire to sell some of her fundraising goodies to help bring baby girl home....and I mean I want her home soon so I am working overtime to pull out all the stops!  Well, the conference vendor space is a bit pricey and out of my reach but I thought I would maybe ask about 10 of my girlfriends to sponsor me.  Well, I was on the phone with a relative who has been really supportive throughout this journey.  I like to bounce ideas off her to see what she thinks.  In that conversation, I shared with her my desire and plan to ask my girlfriends to donate towards the vendor table.  She thought it was a great opportunity and told me I should move forward.  Well not even 30 minutes later, she sent me a text to call her as soon as possible.   Long story short, she and her fabulous husband decided that they would sponsor the table for me to sell our t-shirts, necklaces, and fair trade coffee!  WOW GOD!  There you go again!!!!  So we're all set now, the check has been submitted thanks to my special family members and we'll sell our items at the women's conference and are praying for lots and lots of sales!

Thank you God and thank you to all of your angels here on Earth that are answering the call to partner with us to bring our daughter home.  I know that you all can't see her face yet and I have no idea about whether she's even born yet or not.....what I do know is that she is growing stronger in my heart day by day.

By the way, did you catch what I said above about us selling fair trade coffee?  Yup, the Life A Bit Sweeter Cafe is now open for business!!!  LOL.   Through the generosity of the visionaries at Just Love Coffee, we now have a coffee store open that carries fair trade coffee.  In the days to come, I'll explain exactly what fair trade coffee is because quite frankly, before this adoption process, I had no clue!  Just being honest.  Now that I know, I believe there is absolutely no other way to buy coffee and you should consider the same.  So hop on over to our coffee store, peek and around  and buy some coffee to get your morning started!  Our familly earns --can you guess--- yup, FIVE DOLLARS for every bag of coffee you purchase.  Come on over and check out the goodness!  http://www.justlovecoffee.com/lifeabitsweeter

We thank you for your kindness, prayers, and generosity!  Keep it coming because she needs her mommy and daddy!

Love ya'll!


Unknown said...

I popped on over this afternoon just to see if you had any updates since yesterday. :) I have to say, you are so inspirational-- that word is so overused, but in this context it is perfect-- you INSPIRE people with your honest and positive words. Others see/hear/feel your love and can't help but jump in with both feet! You are infectious in a beautiful way and I am so glad to have met you through our shared experience!

Michelle said...

You are just absolutely the sweetest! Your friendship is one of the great benefits of this adoption journey. Love ya, love ya, love ya!

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