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Friday, March 4, 2011

2 Families, 2 Ethiopian Daughters & One Beautifully Made Doll

I've said it time and time again.  God has truly blessed us with amazing friends along this adoption journey.  Some are adopting families and some are folks who just are compassionate about orphan care.  One of these such families is The Vermes.  I met them in the blog world and we also share the use of the same adoption agency --America World.

Jenn is an amazing photographer in Texas and her hubby Chris is a gifted landscaper.  They are the type of couple that you'd love to hang out with.  Ya know the type who would invite you into their home, tell you to take your shoes off, and then settle in for some good southern hospitality.

Chris and Jenn are also adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and her name will be Maya.  You can follow their adoption journey here:  http://www.pureandlasting.com/.Well, being the crafty person she is, I believe Jenn is totally finished with Maya's room already!  One of the final touches was a doll she was making for Maya.  Well, imagine my tears when I found out she was also making a doll for Selah too!!!

When the priority mail box arrived at the front door, the boys ran to the front door because they were excited to see the gift for their sister.  We were all floored.  Beyond the amazing craftsmanship of the doll (thanks to Jenn and her mom), she took it to another level of tears when she included a personalized note to our family and the photos above of her and Chris with Selah's doll and the little sign that said "The Vermes Love Selah".  Priceless.  Ya know, more and more, I realize that Selah is not just ours.  There are so many people like you and the Vermes who are loving on her extravagantly.  So blessed to be a part of this miracle.  Thank you Vermes for your support, love, and the gift of Selah's first doll!  We love you too!

BTW:  Did you check out that Chris has on our "I Need Africa" fundraiser tee they purchased to also support Selah's adoption.  That was too cute!!!!


Jenn V. said...

We are blessed to be on this journey with you :) We would absolutely love to have you over for some southern hospitality, shoes not required. I can totally picture us all hanging out when our girls are home. Some day :)

Michelle said...

Big love Auntie Jenn!

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