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Monday, February 28, 2011

President's Day Blitz: Grand Total & Full Body Massage Winners!!!

As you recall, last Monday, we announced an impromptu fundraising blitz where a friend of ours decided that their family was going to match all donations for a week!  Wow!  Amazing what God does even in the spur of the moment.  By our deadline of last night, we raised $2,720 once our donor matched all incoming donations! Are you serious God! I know you don't need me to be a part of this story but I am blessed that you chose to allow me, my family, and friends to be a part of this miracle!  David Crowder's song "Come and Listen" just makes me stop and really reflect on this amazing thing God has done.  $2,720 Dollars in a week for Selah's adoption! Crowder says, "Come and listen to what He's done. Let me tell you what He's done for me....He has done for you....He has done for us."

Well, if that wasn't enough, another friend of mine from church, Nichole Jefferson, decided that she wanted to motivate our donors during the week so she donated TWO fully body massages. Say what! Next to my love for southern comfort food, massages are tops for me! Could you imagine what would happen to me if I got southern comfort food and a massage all in one day.....oh my goodness! I'd probably fall apart!  Sorry I digressed!

So for every $5 that individuals donated, they received an entry towards one of the full body massages. Without further chatting, I present to you the two cutest little boys on this side of Maryland who have chosen the winners for the full body massages:

Congratulations Elwood/Cheryl Matthews & Bob/Angela Washington! You have won one full body massage!  (I'm guessing these hubbies will probably give the certificate to their wives....well, I'm just wishing that's what my hubby would do in this situation....smile)

Many thanks to everyone for your support and loving on a little girl who for now we just know by the name of Selah.  Love y'all!


Shelly G. said...

Congrats! ! ! ! Watching this MIRICALE unfold is truly a blessing!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to tell Selah one day how much God and how many people wanted her to be with her forever family!! Excited for yall :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Shelly & Lindsay! It's such a blessing that the two of you are a part of this amazing story. Thank you for that!!!!

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