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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting My Sexy Back.....Zumba

If you missed out on my intro to this series on 'Getting My Sexy Back', check it out here.  As an adopting mommy, heck as a mom, I wanted to just share where I was in this season of my life.  Things can get so busy in our lives (from work, keeping the home, shuttling kids, etc.) that sometimes we forget to keep things...shall I say 'interesting' with our honeys.  In Getting My Sexy Back, I felt that one of the prime ways is not necessarily found by heading to  Victoria's Secret.  I think one of the most attractive things (perhaps sexiest) is a spouse oozing with self-confidence (not arrogance...there's clearly a difference). You know, someone that is confident in their own skin.

So.....what have I been up to as I look to boost my own confidence???  Now that we're in the waiting period of our referral and basketball season is ending for my kids, a little of my time is being freed up.  Tonight, on a whim, I decided to drop-in on a Zumba class in my neighborhood that I had been talking about.  Well, I'm excited because contrary to my belief and fear, I made it through the ENTIRE class!  If you've never been to a Zumba class, I highly recommend it.  It's an amazing atmosphere with the perfect mix of aerobics, dance, and at times, extremely sensual moves (yes, I said it....don't faint church ladies...it's really okay! you're married, right?  smile). 

Have you thought about trying it but feel like you're not the best coordinated person?  Trust me....no worries because I'm not either.  There were some women in the class who had the choreography nailed but there were also a large portion of women who kept up at their own speed and did what they could.  I was totally shocked that my non-exercising self made it through ONE HOUR of workout!  Woo hoo! I've never done that!  Just the boost of confidence that this chickadee needed!  I'm planning to go back next week and maybe after a few more weeks, I'll be ready to show my hubby some of my moves.  Pray I don't break anything y'all!  LOL.

BTW:  I can't wait to get one of those cute little hip scarves with all the jingly coins that some of the ladies in my class wore.  Go 'head girl!  Shake it!  Shake it!  LOL.

What have you all been up to?  What's your 'sexy' been lookin' like?  Have you been thinking about trying something new?


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