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Friday, March 18, 2011

Soundtrack of My Life....what's yours?

I love music! It helps me express my joy, sadness, excitement, and a myriad of other emotions.  I often like to think about what is the current 'soundtrack' of my life.  When I say my life 'soundtrack', I mean what's the theme in my life in that season.  I thought I'd share mine with you and I'd love to know.....what's yours?

Point of Grace.....How You Live (Turn Up the Music)


kim said...

I absolutely love that song!

Hmm.. I think I have a LOT.. I LOVE music just like you! But here are a few..


Kim said...


Also.. I tried to post on the thread about your t-shirt fundraiser, but the word verification part won't scroll so that I can click post! I was just wondering how the t-shirts run and what kind of fit they are. You can e-mail me!


Michelle said...

Hey Kim!

Thanks for leaving your soundtracks. I haven't heard those before and I appreciate discovering new music.

I just sent you an e-mail but just in case someone else wanted to know about t-shirt sizing, I thought I'd leave it here also:

The t-shirts are unisex and I have to say, they run true to size. They are made by American Apparel. I wear a size small but when I've wanted it a little extra fitted, I've worn an XS. My children wear an XS and it's a little loose on them. My husband wears the 2XL. His 2XL and the XS/Small still leave me with room to wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath when the day is a little chilly. They are super cozy...ya know like your favorite pair of blue jeans. Hope that helps!


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