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Monday, March 21, 2011

Number 39!!!

A friend of mine, Katie Seevers, shared with me this weekend how to tell where we are in line for our daughter.  While I surely knew that we were some kind of huge number, Katie pointed out that we are NUMBER 39 in line for a girl in our age range!  39!  39!  39!  Can you tell I'm thrilled?!!!  (I'm still secretly hoping that she'll be home by this Christmas....guess it's not a secret anymore, huh?  smile)

Basically, this is an 'unofficial' list in that it is not put out by our adoption agency.  It's a group of parents that compile the list based on each of us disclosing our DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) dates.  There's always the chance that your number can increase because new parents may pop up on the scene who hadn't disclosed their adopting plans; however, as a really sweet adopting mama, Debb Marquez, pointed out, the upside of your number going up is that an additional family just means one less orphan in the world!  Love that perspective in the grand scheme of God's plan for the approximately 147 million orphans in this world.

....and I love lookin' at this sign on my desk.  I'll keep ya updated as it changes.


Jennifer said...

I'm praying with you :) We are #25 now and hoping that Maya comes home this year too!

Pixie's mom said...

Hey there! Just wondering who your agency is. Ours is Bethany Christian Services, and they don't have the countdown thing, either. I'm wondering if there's a whole network of mammas out there counting down with our agency! :) How'd you find that?

Michelle said...

That's totally awesome Jennifer! Can't wait until you're #1!!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Hill Family! I'm with America World (AWAA). AWAA doesn't supply the numbers which is why this is a very unofficial list. The parents within the agency and specific programs (ours is Ethiopia) tend to be a very strong network that rely on each other for encouragement, prayer, and advice. In so doing, we have a Yahoo group that we participate in. If they'd like, parents are asked to share their DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) date and which gender(s)/age group(s)they're requested, if any. Based on that info, we have a list coordinator that keeps all of this together which helps to rank parents. There's always the possibility that a family doesn't share their request info which can always increase your number. It's really a loose guide that gives us some markers. Does that help?

Michelle said...

If any other AWAA folks would like to comment or correct, please chime in! Thx!

Debb said...

You got it RIGHT! I love how you called it a "loose guide," as it really is......however, those markers are so FUN to watch go down as you approach the #1 spot! :D Families have been known to get a referral in the #2 or even #3 spot before the family in the #1 spot. It all really depends on the children's health status and completion of paperwork on the ET side of things, which is why things can go somewhat out of order. Nonetheless, it mentally and emotionally HELPS to have an idea where you are!

SO GLAD you are #39! So excited to see her precious face one day! Sending you a hug, my friend! :)

Pixie's mom said...

Michelle! Thanks! That's so wonderful that whoever is out there coordinating that...DOES THAT! We don't seem to have a strong network of Ethiopia adoptive families in our southern PA area...YET!

I read your post the other day about how y'all are committed to Ethiopia-even given the "news" out of there recently. We are just now filing for immigration, but the other night, we did a little soul searching, and, we're STAYING, TOO! I'm in love with Ethiopia and her children, and we're COMMITTED, TOO! Thanks for bringing that to the blog table! We're in it for HIM, and we're in it for THEM! Peace, dear Sister!

Angela said...

Congratulations!!! 39 is a good number. Your baby will come sooner than you know!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Debb! You are absolutely right! This guide is a tremendous help to this mama's heart. Your day is really 'any day now'.....so exciting. Dying to see another fantastic shot of you like the one you had from when you got your USCIS letter. Love it!

Hill Family: That is so beautiful to know that you all are in it for the long haul. Great, great, great!

Thanks Angela! I believe that.

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