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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have you had the "ADOPTION" conversation with your spouse yet?

I dare you to pray and ask God if He'd like you to open your home up to a child.  Do you have room for one more?  If not a physical room, what about just a spot for another bed?  Whether you consider adopting domestically or internationally, there are over 147 million reasons why you should pray and be open to perhaps what God might say to you.  I triple dog dare you.  (smile)

I remember how afraid I was to have the 'talk' with Tony about adoption, especially, when I felt God was leading towards international adoption.  We were getting older and into our middle-class 'rhythim'.  Ha! Are you serious?!

What's interesting is more and more, I end up finding wives who are the first to feel the initial prompting. Some husbands end up being on-board right away or over a shorter period of time and others need some time to digest it and allow God to lead them to that place.  Each couple's story is a little different.  Regardless of the difference, someone needs to initiate the conversation to see if this is where God is leading your family.

Perhaps if you're concerned about your current age, you'll decide to adopt an older child.  Maybe you don't feel called to adopt but you can pray about whether you should be a foster parent on some level. 

What's your hold-up?  What has you shaking in your knees?  Who/what has you fearful?  Trust me, I understand the questions.  We've had hundreds ourselves.  Maybe after seeking God, you'll get a 'No'.   BUT what IF, a 'YES' is waiting on the other side of your prayer?

Let's talk about it....you just may be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities of your life.

Much love!


Wife said...

Thank you for posting this!! I love the quote, "we weren't going to save him or for charity reasons, we were just going to pick up our son." So true! Nothing explains our journey better than God made our little man for us!

This video is AMAZING! I can't wait to follow your blog and see who God has for you!

We will finally be going soon to get our son (just passed court yesterday after waiting a month and a week for our letter)... :) :) :) He has been growing in our hearts for 7 months now!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Mandie.

Congrats on such a huge milestone!!!! Simply beautiful.

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