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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Months Expecting: Us vs. The Milk!!!

Yesterday was the 7th!  Yesterday was the 7th!  What's the big deal?!  The big deal is that we hit another milestone in preparing our family for the arrival of Selah! Our paperwork was officially sent to Ethiopia on January 7th so like any other expecting mama, each months represents a milestone for us.

We decided back then that instead of indulging in one of our southern comfort foods to celebrate, we'd try out something a little healthier.  Last month, it was Kashi cereal.  This month is was............MILK! ...but not from a cow! "Say what?" says the country girl in me. What other kind of milk is there????  LOL.  You see I don't get out much.  (smile)

So mama McKinney headed down to MOMS Organic and chose a couple varieties to host an in-home taste test.  Each of us received 3 glasses....each labeled "A", "B", and "C".  Option A was Almond Milk and option B was Coconut Milk.  Our good ol', fatty, creamy, faithful was Vitamin D as option C.  Then of course to get our tummies revved up, what decent mother holds a milk taste test without a plate of chocolate chip cookies?!!!  The kids sniffed, stared, and we finally tasted all three milk varieties.  They took the pre-printed ballots and cast their votes.
The verdict:  We unanimously chose our fatty Vitamin D milk but the Almond Milk came in as a close second.  (I had to initially tell them that it 'might' be chocolate milk since the brownish color is a dead giveaway that it's not our good ol' faithful.)  ....and option C, let's just say they spit it back into the cup!

So there you have it!  The McKinneys are stepping out of their box thanks to this adoption journey.  What do you think we should try next?


Shelly G. said...

HILARIOUS! ok CUZ, you definitely don't get out much! I can't believe Coconut Milk was even an option....that doesn't even compare. OH MY!

I say you all need to do another test, there are certainly healthier choices, included weening yourselves done to Skim milk.....however, you might want to try: Soy, Rice or even Oat Milk. Here's an article on them: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/food-health/5-soy-free-milk-alternatives.html

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

Thanks Shelly for the milk tip!

hmmmmm.....hummus might be a good one!

Joe and Alice Waarvik said...

You could try cutting corn syrup out of your diet for a DAY (it's hard to do)! Or making all baked goods from scratch for a week/month/day (the kids will love helping with that one). Or you could try adding purees to your food. For example add spinach or carrots to chocolate waffles in the morning, cauliflower in cheese sauce, and sweet potatoes and broccoli in soups. As you can tell I love this kind of thing! Those were just the ideas off the top of my head LOL!
I LOVED how you made this a mystery for the kids... so much fun!

Anonymous said...

i agree- coconut milk is disgusting!!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Alice...whew that would definitely be a tough one for us. A friend has been trying to get me to do that though.

Ya feel me Lindsay! lol

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