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Monday, March 14, 2011

...and the Winner is......

Envelope please! ....and the friend who accurately guessed which TOMS shoes this mama purchased on Friday at Nordstroms is.....

Robyn Davidson guessed that I'd step out of my box with the silver glitter TOMS!  Great guessing my dear.  Shoot me an e-mail (michelle365@me.com) and I'll get your t-shirt right out to ya!

My friends you all were totally awesome!  See what these friends thought and go check out their blogs if their name is underlined:

Kelly Jo and Mandie --I have to tell you that I was sooooo close to getting the black glitters but my heart walked into the store knowing I really wanted to get the silver glitters on Friday.  In fact, the silver glitters have apparently been in such demand that after calling around to at least 10 stores, I settled on going into one of the stores to try them on and then placed an order to have them shipped to my house (Nordstrom offers free home shipping when the order is placed in the store...didn't know that! woot!  woot!)  Can't wait to sport these babies this week!

Melissa, you're right those red canvas are a hot little number and you know with trying to get my sexy back and everything (lol), I might have to consider those!

Allison - ooh!  ooh!  ooh!  I think those might be my very next pair!  Love the concept and the map!  (Did all y'all check them out --http://www.charitywater.org/TOMS/http://www.charitywater.org/TOMS/)

Angela - I can totally see me rockin' the Kenya Stripe wedges....seriously!  So many TOMS that can fill my closet.  I think my cousin is purchasing these babies very soon.

Erik - I have to say.....I never considered the botas until you mentioned them.  At first....I honestly thought no way but then I started explorin' to see how folks were wearing them....then I caught a quick vision in my head of how I could wear them with some shorts for the Spring.  Do you have the botas?

Alice - The Petals are indeed a perfect spring shoe.  You've gotta grab those.  There appears to be a little sheen to them too!

Erica -  Those olive classics would totally work with some pops of color in an outfit! Do you have any TOMS yet?

Maureen - I've been entertaining getting the pink glitters for Breast Cancer month....since I don't walk...just lazy/so sad I know....I figured perhaps I can hang out with these pink sparkly babies during the month!  :-)

Shelly - You were definitely full of lots of cool guesses!  Of all of them, I think my 'fav' right now is the Journey is the Destination! Lots of great pops of color!

Thanks everyone for taking this TOMS journey with me!  Hope to hear that many of you are doing One Day Without Shoes! Ta Ta for now!


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