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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Childhood Games....what did you play???

Growing up, I remember lots of games that we played in the yard to pass time away.  Do you remember any of these:  Shake it Senorita, Red Light/Green Light, Simon Says, or hand clapping games like Miss Mary Mack?  Whatever your game of choice back then, I often now think that it is such a tragedy that our children miss out on this backyard creativity and fun because of the replacement of video games and electronics.  So when I saw this fun-filled game with Ethiopian children entertaining one another and the flecks of joys in their eyes and smiles as they sang in unison, my heart was captivated.  Take a look....

What about you?  What games stole your heart as a child that you absolutely loved playing with your family or friends?

(Double dutch image/greeting card available for purchase at this artist's website:  http://www.zazzle.com.au/double_dutch_card-137205208947887382)


Debb said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Michelle!!!! You WON one of our t-shirts!!!

Come on over to our blog and post a comment on today's post that announces the winners, to let me know what design, style t-shirt, and color you would like us to order you! (we have so many styles and sizes that we do not have bulk on hand ~ trying to not waste funds on unwanted tees, ya know?)

THANKS for participating in our drawing/giveaway! I just giggled when Jeff pulled out your name! Have a great day!

Michelle said...

We were on our way to Six Flags when I found out that I won! You just don't know how much that made my day. I absolutely LOVE these t-shirts!

Unknown said...

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