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Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Interview about Our Adoption Process....what a blessing!!!

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited to speak on the topic of adoption on our church's daily prayer line. Minister Katana Dixon-Simmons, one of the hosts of the daily prayer call, asked if I could dial into the call on the day before Father's Day to talk about adoption. Katana is a bit of a visionary and has a great heart for people and has an amazing prayer life. Every SINGLE morning at 6am, our prayer team and others fellowship together through a devotion, praise reports, and prayer requests. It's open to anyone, in fact, there are some callers on the line who are not members or attenders of Zion Church.

Take a listen at our dialogue (sorry I had to cut it short because of the limited space available to upload the audio file). You may need to turn down your speaker volume just a little in the beginning but then you can turn it back up as the discussion progresses. Thanks!

During that call and afterwards, it's been wonderful to find out about others who feel God is stirring their hearts for orphans and adoption.

If you were wondering about how to connect with Zion Church's prayer line one morning (and it's totally anonymous in that you do not have to talk), at 6am daily, feel free to call:
Access code is 719479#

If that's a bit too early for you, you can listen to that day's recorded message anytime by dialing:
Access code is 719479#.

(Please note that long distance charges may apply...I use my cell phone plan since it's free long distance.)


Kitty @ Four Toms and a Mom said...

Michelle, your heart is beautiful. Dear Heavenly Father, please carry this family through this loving process of bringing this little girl home!

AMEN, Sister!!!

Angela said...

Michelle you're such a beautiful woman. God bless you lady!!

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