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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brotherly Love...and a little competition

One of the great things about our boys is that they truly love one another and are great friends, yet they are fiercely competitive with one another in the sports arena.

Exhibit A:
Every day without fail, no matter how tired Tony is after work and on the weekends, he and the boys are either in our game room or outside patio doing b-ball drills, a game of horse, or some other competitive game.  Well, last night, I told the boys I would come downstairs in the game room with them and daddy during last night's competition.  "C" asked me to be a judge but ya know, no mom ever wants to judge the performance of her two children up against each other so I bowed out gracefully from that role.  He piped right back up and asked me to be a cheerleader....now that I can do.  So with camera in hand, I ran downstairs to capture what would be the night's "Dunking Contest"....and man was it fun.....take a peek:

Boys Slam Dunk Clipped Video-Desktop from LifeABitSweeter on Vimeo.

While I enjoyed my lone role as the cheerleader, I can't wait until maybe next year this time when our little girl arrives and we'll both sit together on the sidelines cheering the fellas on....maybe we'll even dress up! fun!

Now while the Dunking Contest brought me tons of laughs, it's moments like the one here in EXHIBIT B that make me laugh but ultimately melt my heart.  For the 4th of July weekend, we went to Alabama to Tony's Family Reunion.  We had a ball!  To conclude the event, my father-in-law and his brother hired a fireman to set-off fireworks at 9pm over the acres of land that they inherited from their parents.  Now the history of "C" and "MJ" is that while they like the 'look' of the fireworks, they have always hated loud noises.  Now I'm thinking, fireworks over a house, this is going to scare the daylights out of the boys.  But, of course, the boys wanted to be tough guys and told their dad that they weren't afraid of the noise and would watch the fireworks.  Well....they started off on the back porch swing but as soon as things really got going with the fireworks, they ended up inside the house in a back bedroom with my iPhone to record the fireworks.  Let's just say, they weren't recording the fireworks for the purpose of 'sharing in the beauty of the event'...they recorded the fireworks to prove to their dad that they did in fact 'watch' the fireworks as they promised they would....LOL....listen carefully.

Boys Watching Fireworks Inside House-Desktop from LifeABitSweeter on Vimeo.

Love them boys!  It will be interesting to see what a girl throws into the mix.


Eve said...

So funny! Your boys sure are competitive, it kept getting more and more dangerous. :D LOL Seems like they have done the pillow trick before heheee. You're a bless girl to be the love of these three guys. Another girl would be awesome in the mix :D

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