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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet the Amaro Family: You'll Laugh, Smile & Cry

By now, you all know that I just adore finding out about families who are adopting, right?  Well, here's a family I discovered while digging deep in the recesses of the internet....(yes, I actually enjoy kicking back and enjoy researching adoption videos, documentaries and the such).  Upon my diggin', I found a family that is probably as cool and fun as the Whitakers! (Remember them from my blog post a little while back?)

Meet the Amaro Family:
The Amaros adopted little miss cutie, Violet, from Ethiopia.  They also have an adorable little boy named Daniel and trust me when you dive into their blog, you'll get lost for hours!

So let's take a sneak peak into their adoption journey via video to bring their Ethiopian princess, Violet, home:
Here's the song written and performed by Violet's parents, Fernando and Carrie...absolutely beautiful.  This song pretty much sums up every adoptive parents thoughts...(um Fernando & Carrie....think I may have to use this song...smile).  Grab your heart because this family's love will take you on an amazing ride.  Enjoy....

...and of course it's all good when 'big brother' Daniel is excited about his baby sister coming home soon....

....and finally they journey to meet Violet....

....and now they're headed back home, the plane lands and Violet gets to meets the FULLNESS OF FAMILY & FRIENDS anxiously awaiting her arrival at the airport....

...and finally, a family full of life and IN A HAPPY PLACE!....you'll see.  :-)

This is what I love about adoption....a family's love that binds them deeper than the blood that runs through their veins....now that's love and that's family!  I heart you Amaro family.

Check out their adoption blog at http://www.amarobaby.blogspot.com/
...and for lots of mommy moments, see http://www.allfordaniel.blogspot.com/

See Carrie's photography website and blog here:

What did you think, aren't they the sweetest family?!?!?
Peace and love,


Angela said...


So glad you shared this!

The B Family said...

What a fun family! Love their videos!

Michelle said...

Aren't they totally cool!

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