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Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Girl with the Yellow Shirt

Many years ago...and I mean many, many years ago, probably my early college years, I saw a piece of art that pulled me into its clutch.  I've never really owned artwork and always balk at the prices of artwork that I see....but this particular piece, there was something about it that mesmerized me.  Each time I looked at it, it made me so happy and warm.  Years passed and because I never understood art and the whole framing thing, it always remained just a longing.

So the perfect end to this story would be that I'd say, "guess what?  I got the art!"  WRONG.  In fact, I could never remember the name of the art work or the name of the artist.  All I knew was that it was of a little girl with very short hair, beautiful face, and a soft yellow shirt.  Soooo....as I thought about it again, I googled it, guess what, I found it and here she is -- just as beautiful as I remember her...

I'm thinking....it's been about 15 years since I first fell in love with this piece of art, maybe it's time I got it and maybe put it in my daughter's prospective room for a bit to keep me company.   

Hey Tony, if you're reading this, it would definitely make a really nice gift. Click here for the link.  Just thought I'd throw in a subtle hint....it would definitely score you some major brownie points!  smile...(Shameless plug I know but one of my Love Languages is 'Receiving Gifts'....LOL)

Stay tuned to see if it arrives....**grin**


Angela said...

I love it!! The little girl is so pretty.

Meliski said...

Haha! I sure hope that works! You're right, that is a beautifully mesmerizing painting.

Becky Lee Burk said...

way to go girlie! I can leave notes, beg and plead and still wind up with a gift that's more for him then for me :) Just the other day my hubby asked me if I'd be interested in owning an assault riffle!!! I'm not kidding... I'm a glitter and sparkle diva, nothing about me screams ninja assassin - hahaha

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that the home study process is going well. I agree, this painting is a treasure.

Eve said...

This is the first time I'm seeing this painting, it is beautiful. The painting called Beulah's Baby draws me in just the same.
I do hope you get this print :D

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