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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jumping Hurdles

I've been M.I.A. from my blog but it's because I've been knockin' out paperwork...yep, this girl has been on it!  In the adoption paperchase, the not-so-fun part is the specific way in which papers must be signs and documented.  Many require official seals from agencies and often a notary public will become one of your best friends.  It has been a huge challenge but you know what, with God's grace, we've been jumping hurdles and it really does feel good.

 There's nothing more I can do on my end, it's more so up to others so I'll wait.  Basically, here's a list of the paperwork that I'm waiting to get sent to our adoption agency.

  • Tony's Verification Letter of Employment from his job
  • 3 Reference forms to be sent by our agency to 2 friends and one of my son's teachers and then they have to send them back to our agency
  • Signed guardianship paper from the beautiful, beautiful couple who is the guardian of all of our children in case anything ever happened to me and Tony
  • Home Sanitation Survey - I don't think I'll have to complete this but our home study coordinator is still checking on it.  Apparently, it appears that the county in which we live do not offer this service of visiting your home to see if you're clean...wait, is that a good thing??? lol
  • Home Fire Safety Inspection - Yet again, it's our county again.  I have to wait to hear from our home study coordinator to see if our county will come out and do this for us
  • Medical Reports for me, Tony, and the boys are just waiting for our health care agency to complete and then the doctor and notary public will sign. 
  • Fingerprinting and background checks have been completed on our end.  They are now being processed through the FBI and other agencies.
So that's it.  I've finished everything that's on our list and trust me there were 24 items on this checklist that were very detailed in the way in which it was submitted.  So now....I wait.

So...now that you've been in my business for the last 5 minutes...lol, may I get into some of yours?  What are you currently waiting for and honestly, what are you doing to pass the time?


Angela said...

I'm waiting on the birth of my grand daughter and pleasantly pleased that despite of it, I still have the desire to complete our own adoption.

Michelle said...

Yay! That's great news that you're coming to a decision.

Debb said...

CONGRATS on making such great progress! May God grant you precious divine peace in the waiting for the finalization of these forms! My husband, Jeff, and I are fellow AWAA YG members, and we are awaiting one final form before we can send in our I600A! We are so ansy in the waiting, but trusting God's perfect timing.

I am helping to build an orphan ministry at our church while I wait, as God has SO opened my heart to orphans ~ beyond our precious little boy we are journeying toward!

Blessings to you and your family! May your wait be short! :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Debb! Can't wait until you get your last form! That is so awesome that you are choosing to be a voice for orphans at your church in such a big way!

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