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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Special Musical Treat from Jae Franklin

Remember Jae Franklin from my post a few weeks ago (see it here)?  Jae is an American artist currently performing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 6 months.  Well, Jae has some exciting news from Addis Ababa that she'd like to share!  Since she's been in Addis, she has released her new album and it's available as a FREE download just for you!!!

To hear the music and download it in one of a multitude of formats for your listening pleasure, simply visit: http://jaefranklin.bandcamp.com

As shared on one of her sites, Universal Language: Prelude 1 is the first promotional project for Jae Franklin. This project and its tracks present a full view of social woes in America, including war, racism, and inner city decay while also relating to love and being personal in nature.  Universal Language: Prelude 1 is a project that encourages you to travel wherever the music takes you.

I've listened to the tracks and I have to tell you this is a HUGE treat!  Be sure to jump over to the site right away before they realize that they've given away for free an amazing gem!  (BIG SMILE).....but seriously, I'm downloading my music right now!  Gotta go!

Oh...but don't forget to stop by Jae's website or facebook page to show her some love and say thanks for such a great gift!


Mama Hen said...

Just got your blog from MBC! I am a new follower! I will check out the music in a minute! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick! Love the family picture in the header!


Mama Hen

Michelle said...

Hey Mama Hen!

Your little chick is so adorable! Looking forward to stopping in to your hen house (blog) every now and then. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still trying to get used to the Mom Bloggers Club. Seems like a lot to navigate but I just need to spend some time looking through it. There are definitely tons of great blogging mommies there.

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