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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trusting Him When I Can't Trace Him

Yesterday, I received some pretty hard news about one of the forms we were waiting to be completed.  It was something that really caught me off guard and stopped me dead in my tracks.  Let me assure you that it's not something related to our health...we're okay. 

I'm still not even sure exactly how I feel because I'm just still trying to process it.  I'm not angry.  I'm not bitter.  I'm just.....hmmm....I still can't find the right word yet.

Yet, in the midst of this huge uncertainty, I have to force my heart and mind to do what I've heard my Pastor,  Keith Battle and his Pastor, John Jenkins say time and time again...."You have to trust Him when you can't trace Him."  Debbie, a really good friend reminded me of those words last nights.  It's friends like that and those in my agency's yahoo support group and even my facebook and twitter world that sometimes help me to process some of the heartaches of this journey.

Trust Him, when I can't trace Him.  Trust Him, when I can't trace Him.  Trust Him, when I can't trace Him.

What's next in our adoption journey....to be honest, I really don't know but I'll keep playing this song in my heart right now....(thanks Liz for sharing this song with me last week....didn't know I'd need it this week...smile)


Natasha said...

Praying for you and your heart as you trust in Him!

The B Family said...

Praying for peace and direction for your precious family during this time of uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

Michelle: please e-mail me at:

I can't find your e-mail address, and I need to order another Ethiopia necklace.
Sandy Jewett Potts

Carpenters said...

I stumbled onto your blog from I can't remember where. After reading many of your wonderful posts, I wanted to introduce myself and just say that you have an amazing heart for God and for orphans. Thank you for all that you've sharing. God speed with this hurdle. I hope this doesn't interfering with getting your baby girl into your arms.


Michelle said...

Thanks so much ladies!

Natasha: Love seeing the re-do in the bedroom. I have a red wall that I need to cover up and have been overwhelmed with the thought of priming that billy but I think your re-do has maybe encouraged me a little.

B family: Can I tell you...well I almost don't want to admit it (smile)..how often I go to your blog to listen to the music. I adore your blog posts and I have to say I am totally addicted to your music player list at the bottom. You have some of my favorites there. I've been wanting to shoot you an e-mail to tell you that but wasn't sure how. Thanks for the play list and I love seeing those adorable little girls

Hi Sandy! That's awesome! I'll shoot you an e-mail today.

Penelope: Love the blog! Those two little cuties melt my heart, as have your kind words above. Hugs to your family!

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