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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Six...Life in the Fast Lane

I can't quite remember whose blog I first saw this whole idea of posting "The Six" but I do know that whomever I got it from, she borrowed it from another blogger.  So thanks for letting me borrow it now!  Basically, from what I understand, "The Six" is a summary of photo illustrations of what's been going on in your life.  (...and if I have The Six wrong, that's okay, here's how I'll use it...smile)  Since I've been crazy busy in these past 'six' days, I thought I'd just share a few photo highlights from each of these days...here goes...

So left to right, here's what's been up:

Friday:  'C' went to camp overnight with his class.  I was very nervous because I really don't even like for the boys to go on field trips without me....so far, I've only missed two for each of them in the years they've been in school so an overnight field trip, of course, had my mind boggled....BUT, I'm happy to report this mama survived.  I'm growin' up!

Saturday:  Home Study Day for me!  This is just a quick flick of the snacks that I put out for our social worker.  I thought it was cute but in the end she only opted for bottle water at the end of her visit....well, maybe next time!

Sunday:  I had to work but afterward, I went to a family cookout.  It had its high points (lots of great food and hanging out with family members and then one of our cousins went around and sold some of our fundraiser necklaces)....and then it had its low points (I was on more than one occasion pulled into some very harsh comments condemning our choice to adopt....it really had me down but I bounced back a couple of days later.)

Monday:   The day started with a trip to Six Flags but I was overcome by the heat and had to go home early.  I made it up to the boys by letting them make homemade funnel cakes which earned me some brownie points.

Tuesday:  Nope, these aren't TOMS on my feet, these are from my favorite store --Target.  Hopefully, I'll score a pair of TOMS soon, though.  TOMS or not, I put some miles on these babies on Tuesday.  Tuesday's supposed to be my day 'OFF' but when you're a mom and wife, a day OFF is an oxymoron.  So here's how it went down in chronological order:
  • drop everybody off at school and work
  • pick-up drycleaning
  • go to morning book club meeting
  • take care of alarm system paperwork renewal
  • go to bank
  • take tony's lunch back to his job because he forgot it at home (ugh!!!)
  • print out agendas for next day meeting at work
  • drop-off agendas at meeting location
  • mail check to order more adoption t-shirts
  • pick-up boys from school
  • take boys to eye exam appointment
  • swing by whole foods with the boys to grab some late lunch
  • drop-off boys for more funnel cake making with a relative (don't ask!!!)
  • pick-up tony from work
  • pick boys back at up
  • drop relative off at home
  • go home...whew!!!!
What a day!  Although, I put a lot of miles on my shoes, my knock-off TOMS are still holding up!  So...while the tasks ended there, you know the day wasn't over right.....mom's always have to do overtime!  I was up until around 12:30am finishing up bills and the budget and then sleeping beauty crashed in her bed.

Wednesday:  Attended the spelling bee for 'C' at his school and he came in SECOND PLACE!  Woo Wee!!!!  Dad was blown away and I was so proud of that boy that I was in tears.

Maybe I'll get a chance to take a breather today......who am I kiddin'?  LOL


Meliski said...

2nd place in a spelling bee?? Way to go little man! :) And, when I saw that bottom, middle picture I told the hubby, "Oh, she got some TOMS!" Hahah, you fooled me!

Eve said...

heheee, a breather? Has it come yet? :D
Very busy you are. Congrat to C on the Spelling bee, super cool!

I really love this SIX post. And the snack tray for the social worker is smashing, what a great idea. Sorry about the ambush re:your adoption. God's got you. Don't worry about that.

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