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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hague Training is Done!

Whew...that was one, hot steamy date!  If you remember from our last post, Tony and I were embarking on a rendevouz through our laptops to complete our Hague Training.  It was so crazy because as I shared there were 7 modules to the test and I had received prior feedback from others that the test was a doozey and quite depressing.  Well, I wanted to be my own judge.  We got through modules 1 and 2 and I said, this was great information!  What in the world are they talking about....this is awesome...and then it happened!  We hit MODULE 3....YUCK!  Can I say HATED IT!!!  While it was good information and I think it is very important for parents to go into adoption, especially international adoption, with both eyes WIDE OPEN, this was a bit much.

Imagine being pregnant (literally) and you are REQUIRED to complete a 7-hour training session before you can give birth.  It's the happiest time of your life.  Well, as you go through this training, they bring to your attention EVERY SINGLE terrible thing that could go wrong with your pregnancy.....I mean everything.  Well, that's what this is like.  FOR ME AND TONY, it really had us on edge.  It didn't make us re-think our decision to adopt but to be honest, by the time I completed the course, I was sooooo emotionally drained.  I felt like the life was sucked out of me.

Well we passed the training on Sunday afternoon and one thing I know for sure....whatever challenges we might have at the end of this journey as new parents, after going through this intensive training we definitely cannot use the excuse...."I didn't know!"

Sooo glad we've jumped that hurdle and so proud we definitely did it together as a team.  (Hey Tony...love you babe!  That was rough but we did it!")


Jodes and Boz said...

Congrats on finishing that step!! It was rough, wasn't it?! Informative. But ROUGH. We don't have kids yet, and i have to be honest, kinda scared the crap out of me. But like you said, I'd much prefer to go into this with eyes wide open!

Debb said...

WOO HOO! Happy for you that you finished it!

A bit overwhelming, huh? Jeff and I never doubted our decision either, but wow! it did put a damper on things a day or two. As you said, good info to know, though. Because fear is not of God, we shook it off....and moved on. Glad to know that we aren't the only ones who found it ROUGH! :o)

Onto your next step!........ :o)

Mark and Wendy said...

I'm impressed you got it done so quickly! I remember that huge feeling of relief to have that out of the way-well done!!!

Tracy said...

Don't know if your study will be different but our first two home studies were 'adoption education' where she went over all things that may go wrong and all things post-adoption, and all things cultural. I think I know more about adopting than I ever knew about my other pregnancies!

Tiffygator said...

I was so glad to read this post as I haven't heard anything about the training. I've actually been putting off signing up for it because I couldn't tell if we had to sit down and finish it all at once or if we could do it in bits and pieces? Can you do it a little at a time?

Michelle said...

thanks for the encouragement! yep, it was something else alright.

Tiffygator...you can do it in pieces. We just wanted to go ahead and knock it out so we did in two sittings over two days.

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