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Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day News: THIS IS BIG, BIG, BIG!!!!

Can you believe the generosity of my friends?????  Of course you can because you're probably one of them.  Today I received an AMAZING call from one of them! Check out what he had to share!!!

Can you believe it! He's matching donations beginning TODAY thru Sunday at 11:59pm.  Family and friends....catch the fever! We have an opportunity to finish our adoption funding.  If Obama's campaign could reach new giving heights because of people who gave $1, $5, $20.....so can we!

Let's see if we can at least raise $4,414.50 this week!  I think we can!  Let's go.  There's a little girl in Ethiopia counting on us.

To donate via credit/debit card, please hop over to our fundraising site at www.firstgiving.com/michellemckinney

If you'd prefer to donate via check, please contact me at michelle365@me.com so that I can give you instructions on how to get your check to us before the cut-off date.  Checks must be made payable to Lifesong for Orphans and you must write "McKinney #1469) in the memo section of your check.

Let's go Team Selah! Love ya!


Missy said...

Gee, I remember once upon a time a friend said, would our friends really help support us? trying to remember who that was...

I think I said to her, something like - you'll be blown away at how much they will bless you.

Wonder who she was....


Michelle said...

wow! can't believe you remembered that. Look at God!!!

JD said...

We couldn't give much, but we're praying for God to multiply it, and we're praying for your adoption.

We understand what you're doing (we're in the same boat), and we support you!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much JD! Trust me and I think you know EVERY CENT makes a big difference in bringing us that much closer! Celebrating!!!!!

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