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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Month Anniversary DTE....How did I celebrate????

Yesterday, we celebrated our month anniversary of officially waiting for the referral of our daughter, Selah.  Woo hoo!  So.....I decided to figure out a way for me/our family to celebrate this momentous occasion.  Well....I guess I'll be gettin' fit.....oh brother!  smile

Forgive me southern girls.  I know that you all aren't poor eaters like me.  As for me, if possible, every morning my breakfast would really consist of bacon, fried fish, grits, fried apples, fried corn, fried potatoes, and Jiffy Corn Bread.  I'm the kind of girl that will often pull out dinner for breakfast....the other morning it was turkey wings, cabbage, mac & cheese, rice & gravy. 

Needless to say.....these months ahead will be interesting!  I mean really....my palette is not broad so unless it's Paula Deen and a stick of butter, this ain't gonna be pretty!  smile.  Any thoughts of great healthier foods that this girl can lean into? 


Tracy said...

haha!! I eat a new flavor of ice cream each DTE-versary... you get healthier. Now hiding my heads in shame.... congrats on one month down!!!

Michelle said...

you are too funny! enjoy your ice ice baby! gotta head over to your blog to see what flavors you've been snackin' on. :-)

jkseevers said...

LOVE this post. I hear ya sister... although I'm not really a "fried food" kind of girl, I could eat chocolate for every meal... as well as any kind of icecream, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the side!

I've been doing the South Beach diet for 5 grueling days and if I don't get to eat something other than veggies, meat and cheese, I'm gonna go CRAZY!

I'm trying to get fit, so that I can run this half marathon in April that I've committed to, as a fundraiser for our adoption. I figure a few less pounds will make running 31.1 miles a bit more tangible. sigh.

I am dreaming of chocolate right now! ;)


Michelle said...

Katie! I am so impressed! Oh my....31.1 miles....say what! That is phenomenal. You are light years ahead of me.

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