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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow! So much progress on this side of town!

I tell you!  The McKinney Family is movin' and shakin'!  (smile)  As I shared on Monday, I got myself together and we knocked out a substantial amount of items.  Yippee!!!  Here's what we did:

  • Applied for passports
  • Received 2 remaining reference letters
  • Finished our application letter that goes to Ethiopia introducing our family
  • Created our family photo pages (total of 8 photos)
  • Notarized documents
So here's what's left:
  • Amend our application letter...I made a slight error on it. 
  • Go to biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment this Friday
  • Wait for our passports to arrive
  • Once passports arrive, have our power of attorney and dossier cover sheets notarized on the county level and then on the state level
  • Wait for the I-171H to arrive approving us to bring an orphan to the USA
  • Fundraisers!  Fundraisers!  Fundraisers!  Raise $7700 to send our dossier to Ethiopia!
Hey, hey baby girl!  Mommy and Daddy are getting closer!


Meliski said...

You listed notarizing the POA and Dossier cover letter. Just wanna make sure you know the Dossier cover letter has to be notarized L A S T. the very last piece of paper to be notarized. You may know that already (since you're all organized and all) but just wanted to make sure and throw that in there! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for keeping me on it my dear! I 'think' i got it right. I had the power of attorney notarized already at our bank but because of where we live, it also has to be taken to be notarized on the county level and then the state level with the dossier cover sheet. I'll take it once we get our passports and I-171H....is that right?

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