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Monday, September 13, 2010

I'll Be Back!!!

I am trying to stay on top of the kid's homework since school has started and am working hard to finish up the last of our documents.  I'll be back real soon so don't desert me!  Lots of good things happening!!!

In the meantime, have you seen these videos???

Chasing After Love:  Wes & Nina

Knowing No Bounds: Adam & Christie


Meliski said...

Thanks for sharing these videos! Can you post the links to their blogs? I must stalk them! :)

Michelle said...

Hey honey bunch! I just posted their blogs. Happy blog stalkin'! smile

Nina & Wes said...

Hey, I know that girl in the first video! It's me! ;) My friend asked me if I knew the people who wrote this blog because she saw our video. I checked, and nope! Don't know ya. Well now I do. :) And you are with America World, and I know a lot of people with them. Anyways, thanks for sharing our video. We want the whole world to know how faithful God has been to us, and how good! Congratulations on getting your paperwork done!

Michelle said...

Hey Nina (and I think Wes) smile. Too cool. So many of us loved this video I had to share it. So excited for you all!

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