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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Certified in Annapolis!

You would think since I'm a native Washingtonian that I would have seen all of the sights, right????  WRONG!  Yet again, this adoption process has exposed me to so much rich United States all in my backyard.  The other week, I shared photos of Tony and I hanging out in Baltimore to get our fingerprinting processed through the FBI (biometrics).  Well yesterday, I had tons of fun all by myself hanging out at the State House in Annapolis, MD.  It was a bit of a pass through to getting to the Secretary of State's office but it was really neat!  I took a few pictures and took in the beauty of this amazing building.   As I have now learned, the State House in Annapolis is the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use and is the only state house to have ever served as the nation's capitol.  Check out me and George....

Once I arrived at the Secretary of State's office, my paperwork was processed pretty quickly and it was a wrap!  Well...almost a wrap!  Historic Annapolis is so beautiful that I took a little time taking in the sites and because Annapolis is about 20 minutes from my house, I'm very familiar with the shopping!  smile.  I ventured over to my favorite clothing store (Paradigm) but you'd be proud.  I didn't buy a thing....but it was hard! 

So all that to say.....we're two steps closer to wrapping up the paperchase!  The Secretary of State's office certified our Power of Attorney and Dossier Cover Sheet forms!  woo hoo!  Now, we're waiting for our passports and I-171H form.  After that, it's all saving and fundraising to get to our $7700 to submit our dossier.  Gotta love progress!


Ms B said...

Such an exciting time for you! Our son from Ethiopia has been home for three years now, wow how time flies. Enjoy the journey. :)
Following now from MBC. Would love a follow back.

Laurie said...

Congras Michelle. I can only imagine the excitement that is building in that household of yours. The funds are coming your way. God always provides for those who are faithful. And you all are going after one of His most prized loved ones to bring home and love on. Can't wait to see this precious treasure He has entrusted you with. Praying for you all.


Jennifer said...

That is so exciting!! You are so close :) I can't wait to be at that point too!!

Michelle said...

Yep, Ms. B! You're right. It's very exciting. I'm also sleep deprived. (smile)

Laurie: Thank you very much for your generosity. I soooooo appreciate it. I can't wait to be matched and share her photos! BIG SMILE.

Jenn: You are zooming through this process and I'm enjoying following it every step of the way!

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