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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our I-171H Was Approved! LOL

Yep, so God definitely has a sense of humor but more importantly, His love for me is so EXTRAVAGANT!  Believe it or not, after learning yesterday's lesson of praising and magnifying God over my problem, something amazingly wonderful happened.  Out of the blue today, my phone rang at 12:10pm with UNKNOWN listed in the caller id.  I grabbed and lo and behold, it was the officer from USCIS who was reviewing our case!  She sweetly informed me that she had approved our I-171H!!!  She said she tried to send me a return email but it kept coming back to her as undeliverable.  huh?  Go figure!  I'm believing that God needed me to get yesterday's lesson.  Thank you God for helping to grow me up in my faith towards you!

So....she said the I-171H is in the mail.  Can't wait to see that baby in my mailbox!  woo hoo!

Next up on the list....waiting patiently for the passports to arrive for me and Tony.  We're getting close!!!

....but wait, this blog post wouldn't be complete without saying big thanks to my friend Rochelle who pushed me yesterday and made me do something that I was scared to do related to the adoption.  In fact, we both believed that unless I stepped out of my comfort zone and completed that task, God wouldn't move this mountain.  Guess what?  I stepped out of my comfort zone, completed the task, and the mountain was moved. 

Thanks to YOU too for continuing to follow us in this journey and encouraging us along the way.  You're simply the best!


Angela said...

YAY!!! That was pretty cute!

Angela said...

I realize you have two Angela's! Maybe I need to use Horizon again? Congrats again!

Angela at Horiron

Meliski said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry, I hope you heard that scream all the way from Washington!! God is good-- ALL THE TIME! :) I am glad you finally got around to learning that lesson so that He could send you this blessin!

You have no idea how wonderful I think you are.

Michelle said...

Thanks Angela! I've really appreciated you following my journey and I'm lovin' your blog. Get it girl!

Michelle said...

Melissa, Melissa, Melissa! You have no idea how wonderful I think YOU are!

Angela said...


Michelle said...

Yep, pretty big Angela!

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