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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simplifying for Selah: Time Management

I really get the fact that God doesn't bless us for His Glory until we are ready and prepared to receive it.  Think about it...as much as you want to give great gifts to your children, would you trust a treasured family heirloom to your child until he/she was prepared to handle it and take care of it?  I think this is so as we prepare to bring Selah home.  She is one of God's treasures.  He values her life so much that He wants to make sure we are ready and equipped before He blesses us with bringing her home .  While He is moving mountains and opening doors on our behalf in this adoption journey, I believe we have some work to do to make things a little easier around here so that whatever comes our way, we're in a better position to handle it.

In this series of blog posts entitled "Simplifying for Selah", I'll share how I'm working to make things 'simpler' so that when she arrives, we can deal with whatever challenges come with expanding our family.  One of the things that is crucial before Selah comes home with us is for me to simplify things quite a bit between home and work (the two places where I spend the bulk of my time).  I'm an organizer and time-manager by trade but even I need to call in the "Big Dogs" as I get ready to prepare our home for her.  With that said, I've registered for Aby Garvey's "It's About Time Workshop".  I'd love for you to join me in this online class if time management would be helpful for you.  I've taken one of Aby's other courses online before (Paper Clutter) and she is FANTASTIC!  Guess, what?  I took advantage of the early bird deal so the class is $60 but that early bird special ends today.  I've attached the syllabus below so check it out and let me know if you're thinking about being one of my classmates.  (Click here to check out Aby's company called Simplify 101 for other great organizing tidbits.)

If Time Management is not an area where you need improvement, tell us......what breakthrough are you waiting for by faith and what are you doing to posture yourself so that you are ready to receive the blessing?  Can't wait to hear!


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I think I need that one too! Thanks.

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