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Friday, June 4, 2010

It's 7pm, do you know where our social worker is???

Yep, so for the past hour I've been running to my bedroom window, looking out...nope, no one yet.  Oh wait, now I'm in the kitchen, let me go run to the front room window to look...nope, no one yet.  Alright, maybe if I don't think about it, maybe she'll pull up then...(tick, tock, tick, tock...a whole 5 minutes pass..pathetic, I know)...I run to the front door to look out...nope, no one yet.  The 'someone' I've been running to the door to look for is our social worker.  She and I met for my interview last Saturday morning and she was supposed to return for Tony's interview today at 6pm.  I made sure he rushed home after work so that we could get home study visit #3 out of 4 knocked out...but nothing!  Girls, if you've ever been stood up by a guy....okay, well, guys too, if you've ever been stood up by a girl...you know how much this sucks, right???

Was it me?  Did my breath stink the last time...did I forget my Tic Tac?  Did I talk her to death and scare her off?  LOL...perhaps I did do a lot of talking but I don't think I scared her off.  In the meantime, I just left a message with our adoption agency's home study coordinator and will wait to hear back on Monday....until then...I just wanted to hear from other families who have gone through/are going through the home study...were you ever forgotten by your social worker or did they arrive late to your appointment???  Let me hear ya?


Tracy said...

our was always late but hey, I'm a home therapist and if I'm on time - my clients are completely caught off guard. Our s.w. was also coming from 2 hrs away, so a little bit of leadway was expected. Hope she eventually made it!

Meliski said...

Lol you sound like I feel in regards to social workers in general. I work with them professionally, and now I have worked with them personally (through our adoption) and I find them to have some very similar traits.

Many of those traits are wonderful ones -- big hearts, genuine desire to help people/change lives, very social and easy to like. Then, there are the less likable traits: a tendency to be a bit flighty and prone to be so casual that it can border on unprofessionalism.

Mostly, the negative traits come from being overworked and over booked, but still-- it's pretty common... and very frustrating.

Eve said...

Hello Michelle, I'm new to your blog, found you on Black Love Poster. So glad I did, like yourself I have a heart after adoption. Hopefully my husband and I could adopt one day. I look forward to reading all of your blog posts. All the very best. Eveshouse.blogspot.com

Meliski said...

One of your readers bought a cookie cutter from me :) Thanks! Yours will be in the mail tomorrow, by the way.

Eve said...

Hello Michelle,
I've shot you an email. :D

Missy said...

My word, why are you having so many home studies?? We only had one!!

Michelle said...

Missy: oh how i wish there was only one. We had 4 home study meetings. The first was an orientation at our agency's office. Number 2-4 were at our home. Each was 1 hour. The second was with me. The third with my husband only. The fourth with just the boys and then me and my husband....whew! BTW: Absolutely love your blog! I've been following for a while now.

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