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Friday, June 18, 2010

An Awesome Surprise by an Anonymous Angel!

In any marathon or race, it's important for a runner or driver to take a break in the pit or water station to get recharged, tuned up, or refocused.  This adoption marathon is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT!  I've been running with paperwork, chasing down medical reports, and saving money to pay fees along the way.  All the while, I have to be honest that in the last couple of weeks, I am just plain ol' tired.  I am on 'E' so to speak...EMPTY.  There is paperwork that has to be redone and resubmitted and I have to really get focused on the balance that is due for the dossier that will be submitted to Ethiopia.  All the while, I have really been unmotivated.  I now really believe it's because I haven't taken a rest from it all.  In the mindset of Franklin Covey, everybody needs to take a break and sharpen their saw.  Well, don't you know that God knows what you need and when you need it!

Last week, a friend of mine from church, Brian, posted on his Facebook page that Frankie Beverly and Maze were going to be playing at the National Harbor in Maryland....oh my goodness...say what....shut your mouth!  Frankie Beverly is my all-time favorite group.  I mean I've loved Frankie Beverly since I was in high school.  His show was my very first big girl concert that I had ever attended.  In fact, my husband swears up and down that he was at that same show.  Well, anyway, when Brian posted that Facebook message, I was all on it trying to buy tickets which were selling for $78 a pop!  At the time, I was thinking...who cares about the price..THIS IS FRANKIE BEVERLY!!!  By the time I jumped to the link, it wouldn't work.  I kept re-trying it and it wouldn't allow me to process the two tickets.  By that time, I came to my senses and posted this on my Facebook wall:

So I moved on and just thought in the back of my mind about how amazing it will be for those who will be rockin' with Frankie Beverly on Saturday night.  Well today, out of the CLEAR BLUE, I received a 'tip' that an anonymous person had sent an envelope to my job for me and inside the envelope were 2 SEATS TO THE FRANKIE BEVERLY SHOW!!!  Say what?!?!  Yes, two tickets plus a parking pass!  I paced outside my yard screaming in absolute disbelief....sorry caller for my loudness but I was in shock!

What's even more awesome about this is that Monday is Tony's birthday (and of course Sunday is Father's Day) so I've been trying to figure out how to make his weekend special...(okay I'm tearing up now)....but God had it all worked out through one of his secret angels....wow!!!

What's even more beautiful is that as I begin to take this all in, I remember that for Tony's 40th birthday dinner party, I created a cd for all of his guests that had a Frankie Beverly tribute on it.  (Yes, I paid the royalty for each song that each person received on their cd...smile) 

Here's what I wrote on the inside of the cover.  (Everything in green italics represents the actual title of a Frankie Beverly song from the CD/Album Frankie Beverly & Maze: Greatest Slow Jams.  The order of the songs was just mixed up so that my paragraph would make sense.  You can click to hear the actual music.)  

I Wanna Thank You for coming this evening to celebrate Tony's 40th Birthday.  As you may already know Tony has A Place In My Heart that no other man could ever try to fill.  When You Love Someone the way that i love him, it's a comforting feeling to know that he loves me right back in the same way.  We've had some ups and down; some Happiness and some sadness but through it all when it seemed that we were going to give up on our marriage, I started Reachin' Down Inside myself and realized that I had to tell him I Love You Too Much to give up and I Will Never let You Down.  Even through the hard times, we now know that we are together for a Reason.  The Happy Feelin's of having a Family, home, and sharing our faith binds us -- We Are One.  So if you're already in a relationship or if love comes knocking at your door in Your Own Kind of Way, be open to the possibilities and in all of this I Wish you Well.  I pray that our love has been a Lovely Inspiration to you.  ~Michelle

That was for his 40th Birthday...a Frankie Beverly tribute gift and now for his 45th Birthday....we have been gifted with tickets to actually SEE Frankie Beverly and believe me when I say our angels purchased GREAT SEATS for us.  Thank you angel for giving us what we needed when we needed it.  We're looking forward to an amazing date night!

...and if you're from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area, you know I'll get it movin' for you when Frankie hits the song, Before I Let Go.  For those who aren't familiar with Frankie Beverly, there is ONE SONG no matter whose party you are at that when this song comes on....all you hear is "That's my song" and EVERYBODY hits the dance floor....so just for the heck of it, here's the party anthem.  If you don't have this in your playlist at an African-American party/cookout/family reunion, you're not a real DJ!  (smile)....sorry but it's true!  lol

(Note:  This one is a bit faster than what happens at a party but the crowd rockin' will give you an idea of its popularity.)


Eve said...

What a very sweet blessing. That's very very touching, hope you both have a fabulous time, dont' forget to kiss when they do your favorite song! heeheee. Oh excellent!

Michelle said...

Girl, that means we'll be kissin' all night long!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this!!!

Meliski said...

This is so sweet. I love this.

Debb said...

What a sweet sweet love note from God! He knew before you did, that you needed a break from this adoption paper chasing! And He knew exactly the way to do it! ENJOY yourself! :o)

kmr said...

Maze is my mom's favorite. I also love them. Frankie Beverly is my old school boyfriend. (I'm 30)LOL. Hope you had a good time.

Michelle said...

yep, ladies this was a very sweet gesture and I REALLY, REALLY...did I say REALLY...enjoyed it.

@kmr: lol...i told my husband something very similar...frankie beverly is my secret celebrity crush...okay...not so secret anymore!

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