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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet the B Family....I absolutely adore this family!

Meet the "B" Family!

I simply adore their blog.  If I had to pick someone to chat it up about Ethiopia, adoption, faith over some good ol' Paula Deen southern comfort food while enjoying the Florida weather, it would be Mrs. B.  She's one of those women that you want to be in your small group - a lover of Christ, wise, and all about family.

With all that said, check out Ms. B's Gotcha Day and beyond video of their precious daughter from Ethiopia. When you get a chance, take a look at their blog. They are a family with miles of style: http://www.thebfamilyblog.com/

...now for a moment of confession...when I'm working, I often go to their blog and scroll down to the bottom just to hear her music playlist because it's so awesome!


The B Family said...

Oh, Michelle, you are just too sweet! Thank you so much for sharing our video. I am really enjoying following your family's journey and am so thankful for friends like you that I've been able to get to know through blogging! . . . and if you're ever in our neck of the woods, please do let us know--we'd love to hang out with you and Tony and your boys (and baby girl!)!

Meliski said...

Ugh! This made me cry big crocodile tears! Why do these always make me cry?

Thanks for sharing

Eve said...

I can't remove the smile from my face and my cheeks are now hurting. The last two photos got me misty, I love that baby. What a great story, thank you for sharing.

Ruthie said...

Michelle-Thanks so much for posting this. I'm officially a mess after watching this video. Wonderful!

Angela said...

Michelle, thanks for posting this. I needed this more than you know.

Michelle said...

Ms. B: I'll have to take you up on that offer. We're not big on traveling (crazy that we're embarking on the longest trips of our lives to Ethiopia, right...only God)...in any case, hanging out with you guys may be a good reason to journey to Florida. Hugs to you guys!!!

Michelle said...

Isn't this just a remarkable video story?!?!

Michelle said...

I think we should all get stock in Kleenex.

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