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Monday, April 12, 2010

EVERYBODY has their MOMENTS....what have been yours?

As I traveled back from North Carolina last night, we stopped in a diner that had a little jukebox.  To my surprise, I saw a song that I have a strong affection for.   I first saw the video for this song on the Country Music Channel and instantly fell in love with its message as it caused me to reflect on my own life.  The song is Moments by Emerson Drive.  Take a look at the video below, really listen to the lyrics, and think about your life.

When I think about my life, I'm sure there are more than those that are listed here but to keep this post short, here are 4 of my "moments" (in no particular order) that I'll share today....

  • My "two" dads walking me down the aisle.  Why?  They are brothers.  One is my biological father and the other chose to take me into his family and adopt me after my mom died and my dad could no longer take care of me.  That was special.
  • Marrying Tony & Giving Birth to My Boys.  Why?  We've have some tough spots in our marriage but he has helped me to grow so much.  While God gives me strength on one level, my husband gives me so much strength that when he tells me I can do something that odds say may be impossible, I believe him.  I trust him.  He has pushed me and helps me to grow into something beautiful on the inside.  Loving Tony and then giving birth to CJ & MJ have been huge in my life.  They help me to experience, receive, and give a type of love that I never knew could honestly exist among human beings.
  • Landing my dream job at Zion Church.  Why?  I had gotten to a place in my corporate positions that I felt like I had achieved all the 'golden toys'.  I loved my career choice but I wanted to do it in a full-time ministry capacity.  The perfect position opened up at a perfect time, in a perfect location, with an amazing group of people.  I'm so blessed to work where I worship.  Sometimes I can't believe I get paid to do what I love!
  • That moment on September 1st when God starting working on my heart about adoption and I sent out a simple 'tweet' on Twitter trying to figure out where God was trying to take me.  Why?  I knew God was up to something but I couldn't figure out all the pieces yet but my heart was softening and crying out in such a special way for something that was so unfamiliar to me at the time.  Since that day, my life has been radically changing and my world has opened up in so many beautiful ways in comparison to how small my world was before.
So I shared my moments.  Now, tell me about some of the 'moments' in your life that have made you smile and made you proud.  Whether you're the man or woman who sleeps outside in a cardboard box, the President of a Fortune 500 company, or a mom who makes sure she's home when her kids arrive from the school bus....we've all had our 'moments'.  Let's share...


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