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Monday, March 15, 2010

Winners & NEW Countries for the Glass Tile Necklaces

Thank you to everyone for participating in our very first giveaway.  Of course an extra special thank you to one of the hardest workin' mamas I know --Kristi J.-- for hosting our giveaway over at www.weloveourlucy.blogspot.com.  (smile)

(I'm soooo sorry that I'm just posting but today is my son's birthday and I've been a busy mama myself running to school today for a birthday party, 2 basketball practices tonight, going to the ends of the earth (well the mall) to get a very special gift that my now 11 year old son has wanted pretty please with cherries on top.  I also managed to mail out a couple of fundraiser orders!  yipee!!!

All that to say you may already know that Kristi announced the winners this morning and I've pasted them below as shared by Kristi on her blog.  Take it away Kristi....and the winners are....

1. Jill from http://www.rossfamilyadoption.blogspot.com/ Ok, so it is amazing HOW you think you are "blessing" someone else by giving them something FREE....BUT I was so blessed by going to this blog tonight and watching their VIDEO at the top of their adoption blog!! They have 4 adorable boys and are home with their Ethiopian baby girl now!! They just got home in Jan. and their video made me cry!! You gotta go check it out!! Congrats Ross family and thank you for blessing and inspiring ME tonight!!

2. http://www.teammarquis.blogspot.com/ This is a family adopting from Ethiopia currently!! They have three cutie kids already and are excited about becoming a family of 6!! They have a big heart and big dreams for their future child!! Such a sweet family...check them out! (oh, and i recently bought my 2 older girls their "Africa Peace Sign" tshirts in youth sizes!! I'll be sure to take a pic when they wear them this week.)

3. Meredith from http://www.meredith-brooks.blogspot.com/ This adorable girl has a HEART for Uganda!! She has returned recently from a Mission Trip to Uganda where she was soul searching...She has returned with the desire to open an adoption program to teach the world about adopting HIV/AIDS orphans!! Her heart was touched by an infant with HIV in Uganda...you can read all about it by visiting her blog!! Her story so reminded me of the t-shirt Michelle is selling: "I need Africa more than Africa needs me" SO TRUE!!!

Thanks Kristi for that announcement....
For those who did not win this time, trust me, I'll have another giveaway in the near future so be sure to come back here to visit.  In the meantime, feel free to stop by our fundraiser site to purchase necklaces, t-shirts, and Blessings Unlimited items.  Every sale benefits our adoption.

I'm also excited because I will begin very, very soon making custom pendants to include the USA, Russia, Korea, Uganda, and a few more.  Those who have requested specific countries via e-mail already, I will let you know when they are available for purchase.  Guatemala is now available for purchase.

I hope that you understand that right now, the Ethiopia pendants are created by me in bulk because they are what I sell the most.  Right now, additional countries and other modifications to the pendants (i.e. minus two on the backs) are considered to be custom work and cost $25 plus shipping.  I truly welcome custom orders and hope that other countries will become popular.

Thanks again for your generous hearts, words of encouragement, and supporting our adoption.  I feel like I've gained so many friends in the past few days that have enriched my life and welcomed me into their journeys as well.  I don't know...I'm kind of feelin' a Golden Girls moment....(smile)

 Thank you Lord for friends in the journey.


Kristi J said...

too cute..i loved the Golden Girls..so fun!! Thanks again..it was fun, kristi

Michelle said...

It truly was....thank you sooooo much!

Angela said...

This post is so stinkin cute! Congrats and much success!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much!

Angela Hunt said...

I just ordered a necklace! My husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia! These are so pretty, I can't wait to get mine. :)

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