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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Broken Dishes

The words I often hear from my husband when my to do list is crazy are...."You can only do one thing at a time so start with that one thing and then go to the next."  I know that's common sense but it's funny because if you know me, I want to start on 10 things, get each of those things going, and work towards their completion.  Right now is no different.

In working through the details of the adoption, working full-time, and still having to handle my relationship and other priorities in life, sometimes it feels insane.  Other times I enjoy the craziness of it all.  Right now, sister girl is tired.  March has really been March Madness for me and I'm not referring to basketball (smile).  My lists are piling and I hate this feeling of not being on top of it.  I really believe lists are for me to control and not for them to control me.  Then again, have I submitted these 'lists' to God to ask Him to give me clarity on what things I'm supposed to do.  So instead, I end up sometimes like a plate spinner, trying to keep everything in motion but my trouble is that sometimes unlike the Bellini twins below, I end up with broken dishes.

My simple prayer today and all that I can muster:  Dear God, please help.


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