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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Countries Available: Glass Tile Pendant Necklaces ($20 plus shipping)

Please Specify Country:

Current Country Availability:  Ethiopia, United States, Rwanda, Liberia, Russia, Guatemala, and Uganda. 

 Now you can keep additional adoptive countries close to your heart.  This handmade glass tile pendant measures 1" x 1".  The front of the pendant features a colorful representation of the country while the back of the pendant reminds you that with this purchase you are decreasing the 147 million orphan count by one.  As an adoptive parent, family member, or friend it also reminds you that bringing your child home has brought one more child into a forever family.

Each pendant hangs on a silver-plated chain. 

Because of the delicacy of this piece, please do not bathe, swim, or shower in your pendant.  All pendants are water-resistant but not waterproof.

(Please e-mail me at michelle365@me.com if you are interested in additional countries.)  

CUSTOMIZATION ALSO AVAILABLE:  You can also customize the back of your pendant for an additional $5 to say "147 million orphans MINUS two"...or three, depending upon how many children you, a family member, or friend has adopted from that particular country.  I will send you a separate invoice for a customized order.

SHIPPING:  $5 for shipping within the USA.  Contact me  for other shipping options.

Please note that each pendant is handmade.  I will e-mail you as soon as your order ships.


Erica said...

These are SO cute!!! I just may share these with my blog readers! So fun!

Michelle said...

Thanks Erica for the compliment! That would be greatly appreciated!

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