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Friday, March 5, 2010

Gotcha Day? Got Who Day?

Gotcha Day is a day celebrated by families of adopted children to recognize the day they received the child. The Gotcha Day is the day that the child was placed into the family's home for adoption, in other words, the day the family well....Gotcha!

Please know that I DO NOT like to travel.  I mean, I really don't so when God put this in my heart, I was like you want me to go where....and the flight is how long? And the conditions are what...I can't drink the water, huh?  I have to get how many shots before I travel???  Okay, God this is sooo out of my comfort zone but the crazy thing is that I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be when I think about the children there and my daughter that will be there.  I can't wait for that Gotcha Day!

To help you understand the excitement and emotion involved with Gotcha Day, I thought I'd share some past Ethiopian 'Gotcha Day' videos. There are videos that show older children as well being brought into their forever families. Turn up your volume as they all share great music to accompany the video and photos.....and just think, our family will one day be able to share the love of our daughter's Gotcha Day with you. Until then, take a peek into the lives of some of these families:

....okay, i know. I owe you a box of Kleenex. (smile)


Ryan and Ashlie said...

I remember when we first considered adoption we watched hours of "gotcha days". Every single one brought tears to my eyes...I can still watch them hours on end!!!

Angela said...

I cried while watching these videos too. They're all precious.

Michelle said...

yep, they never get old. they touch me the same way now as when i first saw them!

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