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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Boy That Teaches Me So Much

Yesterday was "C"'s 11th birthday.  We're pictured here together when he was still months old.  Man, does time fly but it seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with him preparing to give birth.  I clearly remember planning my own shower because I'm a control freak like that sometimes....yes, I admit it!  As I think about how much life has changed for us and how much is happening in this adoption journey, there's so much that I want to rush but wait...I want to slow it down all at the same time.  If I rush the adoption process, I'm also rushing the days that these little ones grow.  God, please help me to remember that as fast as I want things to go, help me to slow down enough to truly relish every single day with this amazing little boy....because I do believe that one day, I'm going to look back and miss these days together.

"C", Mommy truly learns more from you each day than I've ever been able to teach you.  Thank you for helping me to learn to love in a way that I never knew existed.  I'm so proud of you.

What about you my blog buddies?  I want to hear from you?  How do you take time to really enjoy your little ones in spite of this hurried society that we live in?


Julie said...

I needed this post! Some days I feel like I am just "wishing" the day away, wanting to get our little peanut home...and in the process missing out on precious time with the little ones God has already graciously given to us. I keep telling myself, "once the paperwork is done..once we get the call...once we get the baby.." I would love to knw the secret of not being mentally dominated by our adoption!!!! Oh....I'm saving up some grocery money to buy one of your great fundraisers...still trying to decide which one! Blessings on your day!

Meliski said...

Isn't it crazy how much parenthood changes you? Life feels wonderfully full and then a baby comes along and you think, "What the heck was I spending so much time on before?" But, it's a "good busy" and, at time, a "good hectic" and "good off the hook crazy" :) I am just beginning, as my husband and I just had our son one year ago this month. But, it has changed our perspecitve on so many things -- it's like our brains have been completely re-wired! Oh, and to Julie who posted the above comment -- I can HIGHLY recommend the minus one necklaces!

Michelle said...

Hey Julie & Melissa!
You're both absolutely right. The expectancy of a child is sometimes all that I want to talk about yet I know that there are still other pieces to my life still. Parenthood has definitely changed so much of my life and I'm so much better for it. I love, love, love this journey even the hard parts.

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