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Monday, January 10, 2011

Waking up to Carbon Monoxide

This past Wednesday morning, I woke to a robotic voice saying "Carbon Monoxide has been detected.  Carbon Monoxide has been detected."  I have never heard this before but clearly knew where it was coming from....the hallway that connects all of our bedrooms.  I frantically woke up Tony, dialed 911, and hurried the kids to quickly get up and throw on some clothes.  As we hurried from the house, Tony kept insisting that surely it must be that the batteries needed to be changed.  I kept insisting that that couldn't be right.  We shuttled the kids into the truck and drove away from the house until the fire department arrived.

Two trucks pulled up our street about 10 minutes or so later.  They went into the house...Tony followed thinking surely they'd say everything was fine and that we could go back in.  To our dismay, they went back to the trucks but not to go back to the firehouse....instead, they pulled out a few large fans, opened the front doors and windows of our house so that they could suck the carbon monoxide poisoning out of our home.

Even to this day, I sit in awe in tears that God spared our lives.  He must still have more for our family to do.  Here's the ridiculous part...I almost didn't buy carbon monoxide detectors for our home.  I balked at the prices and then finally told myself to stop complaining that my family was worth the 30 bucks for the detectors.....I mean, hey, we drop $30+ dollars at a restaurant.  This was clearly one of the best investments of my lifetime.  You see...in order for this particular detector to go off, the deadly gas had to pass through several levels and vents of our home....so to me, that said that the gas level was intense.  The firefighters agreed.  The furnace was immediately shutdown and we've been in a cold house every since that morning....bundled up with space heaters.  Even still, I don't complain because even this cold house has sensitized me to those who are homeless and bear this cold weather every day/night.  So much so, Tony and I have talked about starting to collect blankets to give out.

You know, I do believe that the enemy had a plan to knock my family out of here in one big swoop but so glad that God has our back and I cling to one piece of Isaiah 54:17 that says "no weapon formed against you shall prosper".

I'm so glad to be still sitting at my desk to type and share this story with you.  Afterall, instead of reading this blog post, you could be reading the following news article...."Family of Four Dies While Sleeping Because they Didn't Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors".  Please don't let that be your family's fate.  Go out TODAY and get one or two for your home and if you already have one please go and test it right now.

Love y'all!  (BTW:  A new furnace is scheduled to be installed tomorrow and man when it does, I'll have a whole new appreciation for the privilege of central heating.)


Stacey said...

saw your comments on fb earlier this week... so glad you all are ok! so much to be grateful for!!

Katie rayn said...

Wow. So glad you posted this (so glad you were able to post this). Hopefully everyone reading will check their's or go get one. Praising God with you! (I don't usually comment, but kinda had to!)

The B Family said...

How scary! A dear friend's husband passed away a few years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning from a space heater in their little apartment where they were serving as missionaries in Israel. It was so tragic and I think about it especially this time of year. We do have detectors in our home but I'm so glad you posted this--you may save someone's life.

Jenna said...

Wow! God must have great plans in-store! So glad you trusted your gut and that you are all safe. I love how God redeems things...the fact that this circumstance caused you to think of others who are less fourtunate is amazing. What an awesome God we serve!!

jenny said...

This is the first time to your blog and I LOVE it! We have adopted two little Ethiopian TWIN boys (we had no idea we were in for twins!) We just moved into a new house and JUST put up our Carbon Monozide detector! WOW! Thank the LORD you are safe!!! www.takingtwo.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Oh my heart stopped!!! Thank you Father for protecting this precious family!!!! Off to get my own detector...the one I've put off buying because of the money!

molly said...

So glad you are all alright!

Unknown said...

After living in my house for 5 years I finally put up detectors a few months ago. I am struck by the title of your post: WAKING UP to carbon monoxide. So glad you did!

Michelle said...

Thanks friends. It really was quite an experience that I'll forever be grateful for God's mercy.

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