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Friday, October 30, 2009

We're Pregnant!!!!

Yep, we're pregnant....well at least in the paper adoption world we are pregnant. Basically, this means that our agency accepted us as clients and will represent us in the adoption process!!!! This is HUGE news for us. We are beyond thrilled. It's been a long few weeks but God has been faithful in working things out on our behalf. I'm oh so grateful to have a supportive husband who when I got nervous, he continued to have great faith that we would be approved! So here's to good news!!!


Shawn said...

Great News! Congrats on the big step forward!

Michelle said...

Thanks my lady! You were truly a BIG inspiration in taking that step. I kept going back and forth between AWAA and Gladney but then decided to go with AWAA because they are so close.

I see you're bloggin' regulary!!! Love it!

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