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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pregnancy Test!

So in adoption world, I would comparatively say this is the week that we find out if we're pregnant!  What?  Huh?  Well, in essence, what I mean is that this is the week that we'll find out if the agency where we submitted our adoption application will take us on as clients.  They'll weigh their criteria against our information to find out if we're match.  Beyond 'their' plans, we are looking for God's Will in the process.  Our will, our choice is that we get a big fat YES yet we are yielding to the will of God to allow Him to have His way.  Just like parents who are trying to 'plan their pregnancy', we are so excited and really hope that we're PREGNANT, so to speak.   We'll see!!!  Stay tuned!

Our Prayer and How You Can Partner in Prayer With Us:  Lord, you know what we want but allow us to continue to keep our minds and most of all, our hearts stayed and focused on You so that You will receive the glory.  It's nothing that we can 'do' to 'deserve' any of this.  We just ask that you would use us through all of this.  May Your Will be done.  Amen


Shawn said...

Yeah! Congrats on your big step! I will definitely call you when I decide to shop again. Sometimes I go during odd hours, but I'll definitely call when it's on normal people time (LOL)!

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