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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just for a Moment....Jayden Elijah McKinney

He was here for just a moment in time....Jayden Elijah McKinney.

Yesterday we had a memorial service for our nephew who was born this past Sunday night and left us the very next day.  While his life outside of his mommy's tummy was very brief, he made such a great impact on all of our lives.  Instead of in our arms, he rests in the Father's loving embrace.  While some will do their best to make attempts at explaining the purpose for his short life, nonetheless, he is a member of our family that we all will miss.  Even still, we trust the plan of God. His service was beautiful, simple, and sweet. 

Forever in our heart little man!

At the close of the day, I was so grateful for the time that we all spent together as a family just lovin' on each other, laughing, and enjoying the healing that sharing food together can bring. 


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