"" Life A Bit Sweeter: December 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

She's So Gifted

Yes, I do believe our daughter will be a 'gifted' and talented child (smile) but that's not what I mean this time around. When I say she's gifted in this sense of the word, I'm talking about how well taken care of she is by others. She has been 'gifted' so much by others. Yesterday, I posted about the diamond cross that she received from friends and in the past I've shared some of the other incredible items that have been given to her. 

I'm currently on a 'staycation' from work until the first of the year. During this time, I've been getting our house in order -- literally. In cleaning and purging, I discovered some items that I needed to drop off at my office. As I quickly dashed into my space at work, I noticed a neatly wrapped box on my desk from one of my colleagues. I took a look at who it was from and I just smiled and took it to the car with me.

When I got home and opened it up, inside was a beautiful silver frame with a black letter 'S' on the bottom right corner. I love silver over gold every day so this was absolutely perfect. My colleague and friend, Cynde Murphy, who has been a big supporter of Selah's adoption had thought of Selah during her Christmas shopping. Honored and overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness, I placed the silver frame on my desk at home. I'm so looking forward to the day that we'll finally be able to place a face with the name...and into the frame her beautiful photo will go. Thanks Cynde! We're getting to the home stretch!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Special Gift Just For Her

I'm in this 'nesting' or purging phase at home which many say is a sign that we must be getting closer to our referral. Each room in our house is getting a small 'lift' and cleaning out. If we don't use an item in the space, it's being donated. If I've been meaning to do something in that space and it can get completed with a diy small budget, it's getting done.

Well, this morning, I'm working on clearing out Selah's room since it had become a makeshift 'storage' place for some odds and ends. While straightening up the closet shelves, I glanced at a cute pink shopping bag that was given by some dear friends. As you've followed our journey, you may know that our daughter really has some remarkable people in her life. Although she's not here yet, there are so many people who have rallied behind bringing her home and just loving on her. Earlier this year, one of those families, The Parkers, gifted her with something really sweet. The box it was presented in was small and petite. Ricky and Whitney Parker are among two of the most stylish young and entrepreneurial-minded people that I know who also have a huge heart for helping those in need. Their little daughter, Kenni P. -- well let's just say that she's a rising star and always steals my heart.

I had no idea what was in the box but when I opened it, I was floored to see the most beautiful diamond cross for a wee little one. It's a children's cross for Selah to wear which is a constant reminder of God's love and plan of redemption for her. What a way to start her off. Thank you Parker Family. We'll cherish this for many years.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Selah's Christmas Tree

This is our 4th Christmas since we started the adoption process. I remember last year posting that I just knew for sure that Selah would be here by now but as they say, we make plans and God laughs...or even better, His timing has such greater perspective than mine. As hard as the wait has been, I know that there's still some maturing and preparation that God is doing in me as we wait. I'm praying that I'll be all that God wants me to be as this child's mother.

Even during this waiting and understanding there is reason behind it, I recall last Christmas being anxious for her to get home so we could finally celebrate Christmas (one of the biggest family holidays) with her. I remember last Christmas (2011), I remember having my eyes on some ornaments at Target. They were sold individually and not in a boxed set like my good ol' faithful fragile glass balls I've bought over the years. These ornaments reflected my personal style but even more so, I thought they'd be perfect for Selah in Christmas 2012 because they were plush-like animal toys and hearts. I waited until the day after Christmas last year and snagged them up, confident that my little girl would be here to play with them....not so much.

So this year, we decorated the tree with the ornaments anyway and because our numbers have gotten a little closer, I asked Tony what did he think about 'perhaps' leaving the Christmas tree up until she came home...it might be as early as Spring or as late as another Christmas. Of course, his daddy's heart said that would be fine. We'll see what I decide as the months after Christmas time pass. If we get too far into the Spring, I can imagine I'll take it down. (No worries...I gave up a natural tree for an artificial tree.) In the meantime, here's a glimpse of my little girl's Christmas tree...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Manicure Mondays

This is so not adoption-related but a girl still has life going on while she's waiting for a referral, right? Well...one of my friends blogs over at Finally....Kriss. Not too long ago, Kriss debuted a blog series called Manicure Mondays. The premise is to take some time on Monday to relax, unwind, slow your pace and take care of little ol' Y-O-U.

I've been meaning to do it but you know, life gets in the way....okay, I let life get in the way of slowing down. Well recently after work, I finally did it....I took some time and painted my own nails. I didn't go to the nail salon; instead, I used some colors and did it all by my lonesome. And ya know what....I really liked it. Check it out....
 Now before you think this color is ***sigh*** a little boring. It has some history. My grandmother, Fannie or as we called her 'Nana' who passed away some years ago, used to bring me in her bedroom and do facials for me. Yes, she'd dig out her honey and almond paste and we'd go to work. The facial would be followed by a manicure and her choice color which she NEVER deviated from was similar to this neutral that I'm showing on my nails. Now I had to jazz it up just a little with some silver glittery sparkle....sorry Nana! smile.

Here's to you Nana and thanks Kriss for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to the day when my daughter and I are painting nails together and creating our very own memories. ahhh.......

Sunday, December 2, 2012

You Guessed It....New Adoption Numbers Again!

I can hardly believe it myself! We've moved up in the 'unofficial' waiting list with our agency again. Earlier this week, I shared that there was a bunch of unexpected movement, well Friday, I found out our placement changed to....
Yes, we're working our little behinds off trying to renew our annual paperwork and believe me, it's not as simple as I'd like it to be....even if it's the fourth time we've worked on papers for the adoption. But....I think you and I would both agree...Little Miss Selah is worth it. I'm grateful for the part God is allowing me to play in her life.

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